Anybody else get swarmed by Amazon?

Hell yeah 250 stops seemed really heavy. Last week one guy went out with 370 stops on a split route. Insane. I guess it should be better since you cant file 9.5 anymore since it ended last week as well


Not sure what area you are in but in Northern VA +- 275 'seasonal' drivers, the ones who were left from firing +- 100 drivers a week after Prime Days, were told they were terminated when they showed up a week ago at start of shift... Firing went sort of like words 'you know at the end of July, a week after you worked yourselves into heat exhaustion, delivering hundreds of packages, +10 hours a day, 5 days in a row, in hot DC area humid +95 degree days during Prime Week, and even though we told those of you that remained, your job good for next ten months, well, not really, sorry, change of plans you are all being terminated effective end of this 3 day shift. I know we told you months ago we were going to make you permanent employees, but not happening. bye'. In July they brought Delivery Service Providers (DSP) in to interview , and hire those fired drivers, for less pay (-$1-3 dollars less).

But also, 2000 drivers lost job in past week in 8 states when Amazon decided not to renew three DSP Companies, who each were involved litigation where a driver in each of the 3 DSP companies had an accident with a fatality. So that's 2000 drivers now gone in 8 states, which might be reason for the upswing before Peak season.
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