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    Been a few weeks, and I've noticed huge groups of people touring the building. But its not like there were a few people in the mob, something like 15-25 people together. It wasn't just one day either, but every single day of the work week. Today, another group of people around 10. In estimation I'd say altogether around or above 100 people.

    I talked to a friend today about it, and he says that its probably for midnight. I know, from speaking to others, that midnight doesn't really lose people. Lately, I've been pulled four days in a row to charge. The reason that some of the chargers just decide not come to work. Thinking about all those people, I would asume they would have more people by now.

    Why so much? Are people believing that UPS is actually going to promote more drivers, thus thinking they are going to get in just like that. When I talk to random drivers, most of them say they are going to retire, yet when that time comes around their like "nah, ill go another year".

    UPS employees know best that whatever sups/managers say is a lie. We also know that whatever is invoke by managment ends up only living for a couple of days then falls out of use. An example, drivers were told that the resends they have, it will now be up to them to cross out the hins and dump them off with thier pick ups, that lasted three days. UPS also promises things and never comes threw on them.

    Yet they do know that more then half most likely will give up on waiting or quit before their 90 days.

    Also, the mass of drivers on weekends, cover drivers, air drivers and all other registered drivers out there. Not to menction the people that want to drive. Its a mad house where I'm at.

    Well, is there anyone that has noticed and knows to as why?
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    Yeah, I've noticed that whenever UPS hires for an inside position they bring in a large group of people to tour the facility and then they interview them.

    Sounds like business as usual.
  3. ORLY!?!

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    But its like a huge number, as I said. Yet I heard they only hired like two people so far. I was talking to a sup today and noticed it odd as well, because we are yet to see anyone new. We need help, people are quitting or getting hurt and often.

    Dont be a smart a**.
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    As usual, the only one's that know are the one's making decisions about it and they are in management and we all know anything they say is just a lie.

    Looks like a Catch-22 - Ignorant people telling the truth and those in the know telling lies.
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    The people that know are the ones you say lie. Next time you see a big group walking around challenge them and ask them what they are doing there.
  6. ORLY!?!

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    As in lie, about operations, faking numbers over all. They know why they are hiring, I was questioning to as why they are hiring so much all at once. They cut 10 minutes off my start time, I'm sure most have had time cut too. Yet the huge amount of people is what concerns me. I was asking if anyone really knew.
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    Here is how the ups careers website works. You go online and apply when a position is open. Then the website tells you when to show up for a tour and interview. You go in and take the tour. After the tour the HR person says that anyone not interested should now leave. Then the hr person does brief interviews. Then they call people back for more interviews... I saw it happen a million times like this back when I was part time. I've seen 2 people come in for a tour and interview. And I've seen over 20.

    The large number of people on the tour could be due to the large number of people out of work and looking for a job.

    Or really it's UPS preparing to bust the union and hire scabs.