Anyone else having trouble with Education Assistance Program?

I am completley unable to login to check the status of my application. Classes start Tuesday and I need that voucher by then. It keeps bringing up "Not Authorized To Submit An Application" which is of course not true. What's even worse is that you can't access their help page with phone numbers unless you are logged in! Can anyone else log in?


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Call the 800 number. If you don't have the 800 number call your HR dept...they can get it for you.
In the future fax your application using a company fax machine. It's considered company business and they shouldn't mess with you.
I thought you had 30 days after classes start to submit your application. What's your hurry? You won't get your money until after you submit your transcript at the end of the semester.
Good luck.
Hi Pony,
Thanks for the reply. I was able to login today and it looks like I'm approved! There are certain "participating" schools in which you don't need any money up front, you just bring the cashier a voucher that you can print off your computer. At the end the semester/quarter the school sends an invoice to the Education Assistance program and they pay for all the classes that were passed. At my school there were/are issues with the billing and it is causing me and other UPSers trouble registering because it says money is owed from last quarter. Apparently the school is billing Education Assistance before the end of the term and EA won't pay because there isn't proof that classes were passed until after the end. So I had to take the initiative to fax my grades to get the classes paid.

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Edcor is a very frustrating process. Make sure to register ahead of time, contact them if any information changes during the term (like spending less than the max $65 on books), and once the term ends you must now submit all paperwork at once to get the reimbursement process started to get your check. My school thought it was doing me a favor by faxing my grades but
I got a denial letter. The change to have all paperwork submitted at once is a recent change (fall 2005) that no one was notified about. You have to monitor and stay on top of Edcor about your status to make sure your reimbursement is being processed and not held up for some reason. Also, ask questions whenever you call to see if there are any policy changes that recently occurred and you might be surprised. They like to use the excuse that the company is supposed to inform us about changes to the plan since they are only the admistrator for paperwork and payments.


I started school June 12, and I used the online resources to apply for tuition reimbursement. I was accepted for the program and I received notification through e-mail. I have since finished the quarter and called the 800 number that was on the acceptance form I received via e-mail. I then obtained a fax number on the phone with a recording and sent all of the requested forms (grades and receipt from the school on letter head) from my fax machine at home. I even sent a letter asking for confirmation of receipt of the imformation required to receive my tuition reimbursement. I have yet to get the e-mail notifying me that they have all the information and the ball is rolling toward sending me a check. I tried to log onto and it says that I am not eligible to apply. I don't want to apply, I want to check on the status of my money which I need since one of the grants I was supposed to get fell through since I did not meet the criteria. I want to know how I can find out whether or not they received the information, and whether or not they have everything they need to accept payment of my claim.
The tuition reimbursement changes this year are extremely frustrating. Dealing with Edcor is extremely frustrating. I understand that this is a benefit to us, but they need to do something to streamline getting reimbursed. Today is October 2nd, and I just got the check for my summer classes that ended on July 20th, paperwork submitted August 3rd.

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This post was made almost a year ago to the day. I am having trouble getting somebody at the cust service desk. I called the 800.850.5181. I have already received approval and have faxed the info to the fax number.248.732.1300. I faxed my grades,receipts, itemized bill, and processing request form(a new change that has to be submitted with other two documents) to them and the website is showing no grades submitted. This is crazy because school starts on Mon. and my classes will be dropped by this Friday if not paid. My HR rep is on vacation this week, conveniently. So my question is does anybody know how long it takes to cut a check once all documentation has been faxed? Do they send it to you personally? I am PT. I understand the FT operate a little different. I agree the company's disclaimer is that edcor handles every thing, you have to call them. I recently had a similiar experience with "Not authorized to ..." on the website and then a day later I was able to acces my status with no problem except no recording of my grades. Got Advice????

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I've been trying to get on the edcor page for two weeks now and have been unsuccessful with their website. How do I go about filing an application for my next class


I work for a different company, but I found this thread about Edcor and wanted to chime in. In a nutshell, Edcor sucks. I, and several other people in my company, have had nothing but problems with Edcor. It almost seems as if they purposely try to find reasons to reject applications and reimbursement requests. I’ve personally had two significant problems with Edcor in this regard.

Once, they rejected my application because – like a normal human familiar with fax etiquette – I included a fax cover sheet with my application. It was rejected because of that cover sheet! Never mind the fact that NOWHERE on their website or my company website did it say anything about not including a fax cover sheet. So when I resubmitted my application weeks later, right after I called them and found out they hadn’t accepted the first one, they denied it because it was then late! Never mind the fact that it was late because they had never let me know the initial application was rejected in the first place! Fortunately, our HR person overrode Edcor’s rejection. And a funny thing happened when I talked to my HR person. She said that she had received a LOT of complaints about Edcor, and that my company was shopping around for a new tuition assistance vendor because of it.

If you MUST deal with Edcor, keep good records! If you send a fax, make sure you have physical proof it was sent! Same with email. And if you talk to anyone at Edcor, keep a log with that person’s name, the time and date. ‘Cause I promise that if you deal with Edcor long enough, you’ll eventually have a problem, and you’ll be thankful you’ve kept good records.

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Yes, I have sent in the letter of appeal for my psychology 114 class for the January term and have been waiting for processing of the application to come through. I called in on 5/7/08 and they told me to call in about 5 buisness days or log onto "check my" I have not seen anything on the website or neither have I heard from anybody about the overview of this application and appeal. I was currently injured on the job in March and is still currently on workers comp as of 5/8/08. I need this application to be approved so that I may pay for my loans that are needed to be payed off.