Anyone else's PAS getting screwy lately?



Our labels have been all over the place lately (more so than before lol), I'm just curious if shippers are doing something different that clashes with our system or if this happens elsewhere. It seems to happen more frequently when we cut routes.

I ask because I'm having issues and want to know the right way to go about solving them. I had an on car supe and a center manager whine and yell at me and my loaders (I shot back today with evidence that it isn't my loaders messing up loads, but PAS) because his trucks arent loaded incorrectly before "getting the big picture" and looking at other possible problems. The loaders are following the PALs, not their fault its being PALed to all over the place. Not like they have this secret plan to suck on purpose (though its what they seem to believe).

Almost no one above our level actually cares, they only care when something is wrong. When things are going well you never hear anything. And the standard cookie cutter BS answers I get when I try to care and ask why things are messed up are nothing but "things are changing", "It is what it is", "thats just the way it is" or "it will be more efficient, just wait" , "doesn't matter how it was, this is how it is". Pardon my language and feel free to censor me but thats bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. A bulk stop previously in the RDR and RDL sections (SSI accounts mind you) have no business being buried up front (they're PALed there) in 3 different (3000, 4000, 2000) places instead of the rear door stops that are now vacant. I had them loaded in the correct position (the on car supe told me later to move it anyway...even though it was done already) anyway. When they do that bulk stops resi's get put on the floor (!!?!) because their space is taken up by a place that was neatly contained in bulk positions before. Another truck has a bulk stop going to RDL and the 2000 section...???? My manager can come up with BS excuses for that until he's blue in the face but I will never go along with believing that THOSE changes are good ones. Especially when I have a center manager crying to me because of it. I am not the one he needs to talk to, I can't change it, I can suggest it, but ultimately, who will listen? The drivers see me taking PAL sequence numbers down and moving things to their correct position so they see I am trying to help them (and my loaders), but one person can't do it alone and I'm getting sick of valid concerns falling on deaf ears.

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Sounds like a newbie made a new plan and forgot to put bulk stops in the right spots, happens all the time at my center. When this happens our preload supe fixes them when the loaders notices it, your operation is much larger than ours from what I gather so you may have to go through more management red tape than us(even I can fix the plan at our center).


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"...I'm getting sick of valid concerns falling on deaf ears"

How many ups'ers in the trenches say that these days--majority of 'em I would guess


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I heard my Dispatch Sup talking about an upgrade to the system that was made recently. One day my EDD list was all out of order, even the sequence numbers were screwed up. I have seen the same NDA address listed twice and separate stops for ground and air. And most of our PAL Labels are hard to read too. Evidently the printers aren't cleaned and calibrated well.


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First, I think its great that your concern is to get this fixed. The person that can fix this is your Dispatch Supervisor.

Looks like he or she edited their dispatch plan and missed a step.

When they create a "load" there are a few things they are supposed to do.

First, put the correct sequences on a car. If they want the air and ground to show together on EDD, they tell the system so at this step.

It will be in the "load" in trace order, so if it was set up correctly by IE they don't have to edit it. If the trace needs to be fixed, they should do that before putting work on a route.

Finally, with this second step done, they should go into the shelf assignments and make sure that sequences are on the correct shelf. They can make adjustments there.

I've done this myself and seen it done many times. The process should take 5 to 10 minutes.

I hope they fix it right away for you. Its an easy fix and is costing you time on road.