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    I transfered to a station recently found out that the senior has a policy which requires all couriers to take their time cards with them on road. If he finds them anywhere in the stations he will throw them away and your SOL. His thinking behind it is if something goes wrong with your ppad then you can write the codes in on your time card. I can see his point, but at the same time I really dont like the thought of turning in a time card thats covered in dirt/dust...whats wrong with writing stuff on a piece of paper and coding them in when I rts? I dont know why this has struck a cord, but perhaps it has to do with coming in and being able to turn in ONE piece of paper thats actually still white, not to meantion on less thing I hafta worry about losing on the road. So my question is, how can the senior enforce something like this if it isnt in the policy manual, and if I did happen to leave my time card in my little cubby from force of habit and he chucks it what recourse would I have?
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    Just take your time card with you....problem solved. I have never heard of someone not keeping their time card with them through out the day, unless they were a handler.
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    I dont keep mine with me..its in my little mailbox
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    Take it with you.....dont pour gas on a fire. He doesnt want you being on the clock at the end of the day and entering codes. And I have to agree with that-


    Every senior manager has his/her set of "local rules", stuff not necessary found in Fedex policy & procedures print. I'm sure they can deviate from policy, as long as its approved by their Director. To give you an example, our senior requires everyone to take a full, 1-hour luch break, regardless how many hours worked. Regarding your TC issue, I'll carry it with me if that's whats required at your station and problem solved. We do carry ours on the road, its really no biggie.
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    You'll get use to taking it with you. VIR dirty, gas receipt dirty, you're dirty. Timecard little dirty, so what. You check still comes inside an envelop and is clean if that makes you happy.
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    Take the damn thing with you and be done.
    Don't tell me you're actually writing on your blue famis time card all your time codes.
    This has been ended a long time ago. The only thing I write on my blue famis time card is...
    trk #
    sch. start time
    sign and date it.

    That's it!
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    I don't take mine with me.. over 2.5 years on the new PPAD, and over 3.5 years on the last version, never once have I lost my time card.
    Now the CSA's on the other hand seem to have problems finding our time cards, they get lost in the timecard slot somehow... he's an idiot anyway.