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    Our Home Delivery Manager is constantly wanting us to improve our Real Service numbers. We live in a town that has 3 large Universities and a lot of Apartments. Our business makes phone calls every morning on all our Direct and Indirect packages and all Apartments. We do this trying to cut down on the 07's. A lot of the packages either doesn't have a phone number or they include the shippers number. Most of the apartment complexes in our town will not accept packages in the office. I am looking for ideas from Ground and Home Delivery drivers and contractors on what they do to get their Real Service numbers up and try to come back package free at the end of the day.
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    ​With your handle this should be interesting.
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    Lol nothing. "Real" service is bs. It doesn't mean anything. Stop wasting your time calling the recipient ahead of time. If fedex was worried about "real" service you would be paid for attempting those packages.
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    You might ask QA if they can find a phone number for you, they have more resources at their disposal than you do. You might even convince them to call the shipper for it.

    This is rich coming from the guy who codes 27s as 07 at the direction of his boss and/or station management. Real service provides an accurate service number and prevent stations from doing exactly what you do; hiding service failures by abusing service codes.
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    "Real" service includes 02s. I don't get paid to do your job. Pay me to do QAs job and I'd work to raise my "real" service number. Until bad addresses aren't counted toward the number it is a bs metric that means NOTHING for the CONTRACTOR. It only matters to fedex.
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    All service codes that aren't a driver release, signature or indirect count against real service. Why? Because they weren't delivered. How is this a BS metric for the contractor? Because it's out of your control? This is already addressed; bonuses in regards to service have some wiggle room. If you think you should get paid for attempting packages, try to negotiate that into your next contract(lol).

    Real service as a metric wouldn't even exist if there wasn't rampant fraud already. Compare service numbers with real; if there is more than a 2% gap, then people are fudging the numbers.
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    Is it unethical to code a package how you were told to by the SM?
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    Haha you're REALLY trying to go into management aren't you?
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    If the code misrepresents why the package didn't get delivered, yes. Would you jump off a bridge at the direction of the SM?
    No actually I'm happy where I am. Being a manager just puts a big target on your back. I prefer operations to managing.
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    And a 2% gap is very possible in the OPs area. A lot of apartment complexes in a college town.

    It's also easily hit in a rural route. Do I need to do the math for you to prove this?

    So... That's more bs.
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    Sorry, I should have clarified; %2~ for the station as a whole. Individual routes can and will get above 2% as it is dependent on the area. Even more so for HD and that is why real is almost always lower for them. Colos have Ground to carry them. My SM gets really nervous when station real is more than 2% below and starts questioning service crosses.
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    So you're saying it only matters to FedEx? Why should a contractor care about it?

    We have our own service numbers we are measured by.

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    That's exactly the way it sounds to me as well sounds like she would fit in perfectly.
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    Fake the signatures and throw the packages into the nearest available dumpster. (Ground Policy Handbook, 13-3)
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    Or release them per bbsam and leave them by garbage cans.
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    Real service is a BS number because it negates "real" service. What is service in the OPs circumstance? Driver releasing to the apartment? Of course not. Door tag and reattempt following day. And yet doing so represents a negative affect on real service numbers. Same with bad addresses and businesses closed. They are numbers I tend to disregard when management starts discussing them.
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    I'd try to get in better with the office personnel. We probably have 40-50 apartment complexes here. I only know of a handful that won't take stuff at the office. As long as you attempt to the apartment first and leave a note that its at the office.
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    Door tag it and go. Try pushing the appointment delivery option or don't worry about it and tell manager numbers are his problem not yours.
  19. Indirect to a neighbor. Call CPC for a phone number if you're desperate, though sometimes they don't like it.
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    Ground driver in an area I used to work started delivering to the office without attempting and burned the whole office staff. Now they won't take any packages from any of us. This is not an isolated event either. Multiple areas.