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    I was at the APAW meeting in Hammond LA.on Saturday and low and behold my buisness agent from the IBT is there.I've seen him 1 time in a year or mabey longer but he has time to come to a APWA meeting on a Saturday.Mabey if he spent more time in centers I would not be a APWA member.
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    We see this type of thing all over the country. The only time that a ba or any other teamster rep is motivated is when they want money or votes, or when their job is being threatened, and yet there is still a number of people that can't pull there heads loose from the teamsters butts. The only explaination I can come up with is just plain and simple stupidity!!!
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    I know the IBT moniters this site because something I said on here was repeated back to a friend by the shop steward and he said he heard it from the local.So they should know for me its to little to late.Paid my $150 Go APWA!!!!!!
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    Welcome to the DS karaoke room at the brown cafe`.
    set your machine to loud and select that old fav...YMCA
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    UPS man,theres no need to feel down
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    I said UPS man,there all dressed in brown,
    theres no need to be unhappy,
    UPS man,theres a place you can go,
    I said confess man,Hoffa`s stealing your dough,
    you can stay there,but soon you will find,
    he`s using you to wipe his behind,
    I wanna switch to the APWA,
    my pensions safe with the APWA,
    they`ll say anything,to get you to stay,
    how many lies,before you see the way,
    I`m gonna go with the APWA,
    they call me back at the APWA,
    you can get a new deal,in securing your job,
    and you dont have to mess,around with the mob,
    UPS man,are you listening to me?,
    nothing less man,theres somewhere better to be,
    I said YES man,dont you make a mistake,
    your future at,ups is at stake,
    NO MAN does it all by himself,
    UPS man,put your pride on the shelf,
    and just go there to the APWA,
    Im sure that they,can help you today,
    You`ll wanna stay with the APWA,
    have it your way at the APWA,
    they have everything,upsers need,
    we are all sick,of the corruption and greed,
    You`ll wanna stay with the APWA,
    its the best way at the APWA,
    your pension is yours,and I`m not impressed,
    when half of goes,to midnight express,
    UPS man,were all in the same shoes,
    YES man,dressed in brown with the blues,
    it seemed NO MAN,was respecting our rights,
    with the APWA theres finally some light,
    when the teamsters,come up to me,
    I`ll say NO MAN theres a place up the street,
    theres a place there,called the APWA,
    so leave me alone,you have nothing to say,
    you`ll wanna stay with the APWA,
    have it your way at the APWA,
    they have everything, to help sing this song,
    just grab your mouse
    repeat 1st verse
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    I LOVE IT!!!

    GO APWA!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mar 1 2007, 07:40 PM
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    Why won't APWA's 2 scab officers answer these questions, even when so called members ask?

    1. How many members do they have? Won't tell, but the Teamsters do
    2. How much money do they have at 150 bucks per member. Won't tell, but the Teamsters do
    3. Where has the money been spent? Won't tell, but the Teamsters do
    3. They claim to OWN 18 states. How do you OWN a state?
    4. How do they get UPS to let them off work so much when others have to beg for a day off?
    5. What happened when one of them was a day late coming back from one of their scam trips? If any other member had a second job and missed work, they would be fired immediately.
    6. Why does one of these two spend nearly a half hour every day or so in the managers office with closed doors?
    7. How can they be so naive as to tell people that they do not need a strike fund because they can TRUST UPS to treat them fairly? Smell a scam anyone?
    8. Why is it that they are so close to the National Right to WOrk committee that they use one of their attorneys? Smell a Scam anyone? And one of their "supporters" in Ohio is a Right to work "activist".
    9. Where is the constitution they claim to have?
    10. How many people attended their National Convention in December? Funny they have not published that? Smell a scam anyone? Tell the truth Garland!! YOu are the Southern Regional Manager!! Along with being a laughing stock and embarrassment of the Houston area!!
    11. Who introduced the APWA SCAM TWINS to the ANTI UNION ATTORNEY? Smell a Scam anyone?
    12. Why do they say they do not need a Political Action COmmittee or PAC FUNDS? Because they can TRUST UPS?
    13. Why when anyone goes to one of their ill attended meetings and asks questions, are they removed by the rent a cops that the TWINS employ? Garland, you were allowed to ask any quesitons you had at the Houston Teamsters meetings, why did you endorse a fellow Houston UPSer being removed from the meeting you held in Houston? Heck, when he was removed, the meeting was reduced by 7 percent in attendance...DO THE MATH
    14. Why does one of the TWINS badmouth the Teamsters, saying they have done nothing for him, when in fact he was fired 3 times and 391 got him back to work.....Once for ironically running flat into the rear end of an overnite rig and totalling the UPS rig.....

    They are advertising this last two weeks as their national kickoff. Here in Houston they got 28 cards out of 3 large centers. Long way from a kickoff, and Houston was reported by them to be one of their "owned cities" and 'areas' with a Southern REgional Manager for APWA residing in a rural center.

    Why would they call their officers REGIONAL MANAGERS? Sure sounds like a UPS driven scheme.

    These are just sample of the outlined scam these guys are running. It is fortunate that most UPS members are smart enough to recognize a MONEY SCHEME when they see one.

    More Questions and No Answers.... Plus a gay theme song.... This gets funnier by the minute.

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    bug you are out of your mind ask the teamsters where the union dollars you pay go and you have to file a law suit to find out get some facts straight bug
  9. BigUnionGuy

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    Here is your chance....

    You are a mouthpiece for these clowns....

    Answer the Questions....

    Or maybe Nospinzone can....

    Tell the truth.... the apwa is not a UNION !

    Walk it back.... Truck Driver

  10. sawdusttv

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    You're always wanting answers, but you are not asking the right people. The APWA has nothing to hide. They have proven that time and time again. They are always being challenged on the statements that they make, and I have heard there answers loud and clear many times, They are always clear and to the point and very matter of fact. So, if you crave this knowledge so bad, I suggest you attend one of the APWA meetings and ask your questions of the men in charge.
    Now, to turn the tables for a change.
    I would like to ask you to show us proof the the accusations that you keep throwing around have any true to them. Can you prove any of your statements, or are they just more teamster bull_hit?
  11. mittam

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    bug get it srtaight I'm not Rick, duh
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    The facts are out teamsters want u to retired when ur 65 the facts what the F... happen to the 25 and 30 and out facts. U want more facts what the f... happen to are insurance now its like sh.t..facts what the f... more do u want facts are that u r a die hard teamster fan and the facts are when we come to office we would like u to come forth and we would gladly give ur retirement money back to the teamsters the fact that u know that 40% on a 100% is a great deal thats the facts the teamsters r F..king us and u want more facts why don't u get some ky and stand in the teamster line and stand with all the other a holes out there thats the FACTS......
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    The FACT is that most companies today are dropping pensions left and right. The FACT is that this group has not shown one iota of proof that they can get us what they claim they can get us. The FACT is their pension promises are based on a best case scenario where the economy has no recessions, dips, or depressions(there is a difference). The FACT is that the APWA is not a union and has not represented a single person on the face of this planet, nor are they certified to represent anyone. The FACT remains that the APWA will not become the union for UPSers based on the facts above.
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    Apwa Is A Union They Registered In The State Of Delaware
    On Dec. 9 2004 At 11:30 By The Sec. Of State Why Dont U Go To A Meeting And Listen To Them Instead Of Bashing These Guys I For 1 Would Like To Retire The Teamsters Want U To Work Till U R 65 I Will Need A Cane R A Walker To Get Out Of The Truck At That Age We All Need To Think About That
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    APWA is registered in the state of Delaware. On December 9th 2004 at 11:30 by the Secretary of State. Why don't you try to listen to these guys instead of bashing these guys. I for one would like to retire, but with the teamsters you have to work till 65. At that age we will need a cane or walker to get out of the truck. We all need to think about that. Stay with the taemsters if you want them to keep steling your money.
  16. Cole

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    The is the Awap isn't a union yet, by you bet that due to the toothless Teasters and their corrupt ways, the Golden Goose is gaining more feathers by the day, and is preparing for flight. The Teamsters have brought this on themselves. It is time we have UPS people reping UPS people on a much larger scale. The Teamsters don't even have a UPSer as the Parcel director! Who best benefits from that? Not us! That's why in still in the year 2007 there's no ventilation in the backs of our trucks, and most trucks have no power steering, and very stiff clutches. The union simply hasn't had the guts or simply doesn't care enough to have made such things a perogative. Enough is enough, it's time to step up and get real about our futures.
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    Check the UPS mechanics pension that are not in the Teamsters, but the Machinsts/aeronautical Union to see if The Awap can get us a far better pension, as the Machinsts did with the same contributions?
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    Its pretty funny when you think about it most of the apwa support on here is from withdrawn teamsters and management. Whats the chances of that? Please let me know when you come to chicago i would love to come and ask some questions.
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    What's even funnier, is that us APWA supporters or as you like to call us withdrawn teamsters are laughing AT you teamster numbskulls not with you.
  20. brett636

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    Only our of your shear ignorance of the situation.