Apparently Express Hires Unprofessional Drivers

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  1. Heard this the other day from my boss. While driving by a business, he noticed an Express truck parked NOSE FIRST up to the front entrance of a business. Noooo .. seriously?? They do that?? He said he thought Express only hired Professional drivers and was shocked.
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    So the other day I heard from a friend that his cousins sisters boyfriend knew a guy who knew for a fact that there was a ring of ground drivers who kidnap human babies from resi stops and sell them to the Russian black market where they are raised to work in secret third world sweat shops owned by Fred Smith. Just totally shocking!

    (get my point?)


    I heard from my cousin's sister's third year roommate from college's 4th grade PE teacher's dog's vet's guy that cuts the grass at the vet's Mom's neighbor's house's nephew that Uncle Fredward was an alien and Aunt Matty is really just a skin puppet. He would know, he sacked the groceries for his housekeeper for 6 months when they thought he was special needs, turned out to just be a case of mistaken identity. Wonder if it's true??!!
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    Useless without pics.
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    I saw it in the National's true!
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    Funny how quick you all throw out accusations of ground drivers but there's NO WAY this could EVER happen with an EXPRESS driver! Comical.
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    Well no offense but Ground in it's short existence has accumalated a lot of highlights for news programs.The majority of the accusations are true,no one has any evidence to refute them. My question is how do you know that the driver was not instructed to park that way ? Maybe they did not have a loading dock ? But in the scheme of things what does professionalism have to do with parking nose first ? Or is this the plan that Fedex has now ? Pit Ground against Express ? Starting to look that way. Wall Street will not be pleased.
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    Sure, we have them too (non-professionals). But, being unprofessional is par for the course over at Ground, while it's an exception to the rule at Express. Nose-in to dock, not honking when backing-up, and driving like a fool are all trademarks of the average Ground clown. Ooops, I forgot leaving the engine running while going into a high-rise building for a delivery.
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    It could have been 10:29 and the driver was trying to make service. Still no excuse, should have taken the late.
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    see my sig...

    but, Fred doesn't really care anyways; just getting the lowest operating cost to deliver these boxes. With the contractors, they'll have to find a balance of who will be dumb enough to take the low wage for the work & who is worth paying more for the excellent service that I've seen in a handful of drivers.

    sure, there are bad drivers out there, but that's all the public will see & comment on. Not the exceptional workers...
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    True! The public came to expect the exceptional from Federal Express through the 70's, 80's and 90's. I know, I was a Federal Express customer for 22 years before going to work for them. I had the same courier on my route for about 20 years. He WAS exceptional, always went the extra mile for Federal Express and his customers, but most employees were exceptional before Federal Express became FedEx Express, and service started taking a backseat to profit.
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    So, when Ground takes over XS and E2 and non-professionals become the norm, customers will leave in droves because the service sucks? Low prices and low quality almost always leave a poor taste in the mouths of consumers, and that's what FedEx customers will get from Ground. Maybe it doesn't matter if you save 50 cents on your shipment when the driver backs over your lawn, hits your car, or takes a leak on your rose bushes.

    Ground is kind of like Dominos or Little Caesars pizza. Yes, you get a lot of food for a small amount of money, but it tastes like crap and the ingredients are cheap. When you're sitting on the toilet, pale and sweaty an hour later, trying to purge your body of cardboard pizza with catsup "sauce" and greasy pepperoni, you'll wish you'd paid the extra couple of bucks and got a quality product.
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    That would explain why LC is growing and growing and growing. It doesn't matter how good it is in the absolute sense, only relative to what you paid for it.
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    Dominoes does quite well and Little Caesars is good for a quick football grub kinda meal. In fact, best frozen pizzaas I have eveer had were little 8 inch jobbers from Totinos. Used to get them at Aldi for 99 cents a piece.
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    There is no accounting for taste. I disagree with Dano because when you are talking about a package it is important that the product be good in an absolute sense, and cost, though important, is secondary. If your assembly line is down, it is absolutely imperative that the package gets there on-time. Same with surgeries and countless other situations. Cost becomes much less important when the multiplier effect of a failed delivery is taken into consideration.

    I'm happy that both of you enjoy low-cost, low-quality pizza. I don't. Nor do I expect many customers to enjoy the FedEx equivalent of LC or Dominoes...Ground.
  16. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    You can scream all you want about it, but there are millions of people who say otherwise and they're voting with their dollars. Go argue with them.
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    Maybe. But a lot of folks detest Dominoes and LC simply because they offer a low quality product, and they won't eat there. I'm thinking that a lot of people won't "eat" at Ground either when their package is mis-delivered/not-delivered/crushed/in the Ground driver's personal vehicle.
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    . Big difference between the food you eat and a package being delivered. Eating cheap chemicals is a different subject...
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    I think your talents are wasted driving a white truck
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    All of our talents are wasted at FedEx.