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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by NewbieHopeful, Feb 19, 2019.

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    Hi all, new member here. I've been doing a lot of reading on the forums, have utilized the search function, and still haven't found an exact response to my question, so I'm posting a new much as I know y'all are going to hate me for it, LOL.

    UPS had a package handler position listed on Indeed about a month ago. I filled out an application online, but was too late - by the time I filled out the app, the job was no longer available. They said my app would remain on file if other jobs opened up. Last week, on Tuesday, I got an email from an HR lady at a local hub that positions had opened up and requesting me to complete my application online and that interviews/facility tour would be held Wed. at 6:30 a.m. I completed the application and "booked" the tour/interview for the next morning. Wed. morning I got there plenty early, had a great tour and interview, the HR lady was very complimentary of my appearance (4 of the 6 that showed up looked like they literally got out of bed and came in), that I had brought a resume, had asked thoughtful questions, had a great background, etc. She said she had to run a background check, but expected to call me in a few days and have me in there working within a week or two.

    The day after the interview, I logged in and my application was "active" for "Load/Unload AM" & the additional documents section had been opened up in my application, and even though I hadn't heard from anyone, I went ahead and filled them all out (I figured I was being proactive/showing I wanted the job). It's been 6 days and I haven't heard from anyone. My dumb*ass didn't get HR's contact info (I didn't start reading these forums until after my interview/tour). When I log into my application now (since yesterday), it says "inactive/application on file" and is completely locked.

    Any thoughts of whether this is a good/bad progression of things? Suggestions of how to follow-up? Should I try to call and get a phone number/email for HR, or should I just show up to inquire about the status of my application/express my interest. There is nothing in my background that would be an issue on the background check, so I don't think that's it. Just getting restless. And YES, I know from reading on here that they like to keep you in limbo and it can take a while. I'm just concerned about the progression from opening up the additional documents, which I took as a good thing, to the application now being listed as "inactive," which I took as bad. This is at the Durham, NC hub, and they said they had several positions open, and there were only 6 of us there that day (and like I said, 4 of the 6 did not appear to be impressing the HR lady - per HER). Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    the 4 out of 6 stragglers are probably working in the hub right now, while you iron your shirt and fluff your resume
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  3. Brown Biscuit

    Brown Biscuit Blind every day

    UPS needs bodies all the time. Be patient. You’ll get a call eventually.
  4. LMAO
  5. NewbieHopeful

    NewbieHopeful New Member

    Thanks for the honest & constructive feedback.
  6. NewbieHopeful

    NewbieHopeful New Member

    You may be right. If so, more power to them, I guess.
  7. Wally

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    Get Iron Guts Gumby to handle your case! He may bail you out! (If he's still not po'ed).
  8. BadIdeaGuy

    BadIdeaGuy Coronavirus? What coronavirus?

    Don't sweat it. You've got the job. Even if you're a serial killer, the only reason they do the background check is to make sure to put you by yourself, so you won't cause problems.

    The background check took about 2 weeks for me.

    The problem isn't getting the job, it's getting people who "want" to stay.

    Step 1: lose the good clothes. Wear stuff that you can mess up. It's gonna get messed up.
    Step 2: Follow BS instructions, and work fast till the steward says your 30 days are over.
    Step 3: Don't quit.

    Your fellows will likely last about two weeks. That's what I figure is about average for a new person. So don't get chummy.
  9. NewbieHopeful

    NewbieHopeful New Member

    I've been reading these forums since I interviewed over a week ago, and will definitely stick around now that I've been hired! Yes, I know it's going to be physical, and difficult, and I'm going to hurt like he!!, and all that fun stuff. I'm not delusional, but I think I can stick it out. I'd like to make this a long-term thing (not necessarily the PH position, but employment at UPS in general). Any tips or thoughts for me? If I'm called in and "let go" early, should I tell my sup that I want to stay and am willing to help in other areas? Any general advice or thoughts? Looking forward to joining Brown!
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  10. Good luck to you. Get prepared not to be called in every day or sent home early.

    But hang in there.
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  11. silverbullet2893

    silverbullet2893 KILL KILL!!

  12. NewbieHopeful

    NewbieHopeful New Member

    Yeah, I've read about that here and am prepared for it. The wife works full-time and I've been staying home w/ the kids for the past year, so I'm excited to be able to work again, even if not as much as I'd like. We've been surviving - even if just barely - off her income and whatever little side jobs I've been picking up, so whatever hours I get/money I make will be helpful. So our situation being what it is, I won't be murdered financially if I don't get as many hours as I'd like. That said, I'd like as many hours as I can get. Thus my question about being sent home early. If I'm told to leave, do I just stick my tail between my legs and go, or do I have any "recourse" or ability to ask to stay? I want to make sure they know I'm willing, without being pushy or making it appear I'm trying to "jump seniority"...
  13. First you have to make your 30 days and get into the union. Until then you don't have the 3 and a half hour guarantee.

    Extra work goes by seniority.
  14. NewbieHopeful

    NewbieHopeful New Member

    It feels like this whole thing is a test, LOL. They literally called me at 8:50 to ask if I could be there at 10 for orientation (which lasted all of 45 minutes). I made it, because luckily I have family nearby that can help, so I dressed the almost-2-year-old and ran to drop her at Nana's & got my butt over there, but I can't imagine many people in normal life would be able to make that work on an hours' notice! #gratefulforfamily
  15. NewbieHopeful

    NewbieHopeful New Member

    OK, makes sense. I know I'm getting ahead of myself. Will work on getting those 30 days first. Thanks for your kind and honest feedback!
  16. You're welcome.
  17. NewbieHopeful

    NewbieHopeful New Member

    Just wanted to follow up: I GOT HIRED! Got called at 850 this morning and asked to be at orientation at 10am and start Monday at 2:30am. And FYI, my application now says "active." I was stressing about the app being listed as "inactive," but apparently that doesn't matter. Just mentioning it in case anyone else is in a similar situation/has a similar question. Looking forward to joining Brown!
  18. Jkloc420

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    i am looking for my retro check
  19. burrheadd

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    Step 4: Buy a stick of deodorant and
    use it
  20. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Perhaps. Staff Member

    Finally. Now I can sleep at night.
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