Applying for Package Delivery Driver position.

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    Let me introduce myself.... I am a former USPS TE City Mail Carrier. I am from Michigan and I've been interested in UPS for the longest.

    Now I always see if I can find a package delivery driver job like three times a week.

    I see a position in Portland, Oregon and it says "UPS is accepting applications for full-time Package Delivery Drivers"

    I'm just wondering is the position full-time-seasonal or full time?
    And if I get an interview will it be in Portland, Oregon or will can I have it in Michigan
    and is it a good time to work for UPS?

    Thanks in advance!
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    All questions for HR in your area, I'm not sure Anyone could answer those questions on this forum.
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    It's always a great time to be a FT driver, be it 900am or 900pm, or anywhere in between.
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    if it is full time yes you can apply had buddy apply for position in Montana no one wanted and got hired on full time off the street mean while i've been working at ups part time for six years and would have to quit to apply go big brown also he did all his stuff over the phone good luck getting in off the street is a once in life time chance
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    Re: driving

    If you're going to write like this, do it up right.....

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    Re: driving

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    I fell bad for the OP. What an intelligent, helpful bunch we must come across as...

    OP, if you're applying for a job in Portland, and you're invited to an interview, it'll be in Portland. Unless the job description states it's temporary or seasonal, it'll be a permanent FT job.

    Most UPSers begin their career PT, and bid on FT jobs; the CBA requires UPS to take PT on a 6:1 ratio (which the Teamsters are attempting to change to 8:1) and often that outside hire is a PT supervisor or a current driver doing a de facto transfer. But many BrownCafe members have begun their career off-the-street, although it's not common in recent years ... mainly because of the few FT jobs that have become available. If you're interested in the PT-to-FT route, I'd guess that waits would exceed 10 years throughout most of Michigan.
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    Best place for an off the street job would be North Dakota. Look at a map and apply at locations within the Bakken Shale formation.
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    I don't disagree, but there's plenty of questions of the longevity of the oil boom, with many expecting continued long-term growth, but a short-term "cooling off."

    Reminds me of the early 2000s, in which Harrah's was locally advertising for Las Vegas casino positions (and I live 2,000 miles away) starting at $40,000/year, with full company-paid health & welfare benefits, employee perks such as a buffet lunch & a relocation bonus. Those jobs went bust pretty quick.
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    Re: driving

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