APWA is controlled by a Union-busting Lawyer

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by submarine, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. submarine

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    I've been out of the game for the last year or so due to a divorce. Two weeks ago I came into work early in the morning and noticed someone from management had placed card checks into all of our lockers from the APWA (and later I was told there were flyers in the cabs of the package cars). Well I tossed those but did a little research on the APWA via their website.

    I was surprised to see two Feeder drivers heading this "union", but with no mention of their past union membership or other qualifications. I would like to hear from someone in North Carolina as to whether these two yokels were scabs or not.

    Doing a search on their 'legal team', Francis T Coleman, produced nothing overly suspicious until I plugged "francis t coleman union" into Google.
    Francis T Coleman wrote "Becoming Union Free" which was published in 2005. He's a union-busting lawyer and obviously this is a campaign backed by management. If you notice, the pdf profile from his law firm, Williams Mullen, is copied verbatim on the APWA website minus the last two paragraphs that would expose him.

    Don't waste your time and energy on this subversive 'movement'. Spread the truth to your coworkers.

    The internet is a wonderful thing.​
  2. brett636

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    Thats rather disturbing that the management was distributing these cards. I never wanted to come out and say this was a company backed initiative without sounding too paranoid, but it is definitly leaning in that direction. We've known on this site for some time about the union busting past of the APWA legal reps, but a lot of the cheerleaders for that farce just ignore that fact and blame the teamsters for every problem under the sun. Thanks for your input, and beware the flood of poorly written and thought out posts that are coming your way.
  3. Dutch Dawg

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    Yea but can't we all just overlook the negatives about APWA (sic). I mean... hey I just looked at their site and they say they're gonna get us all the $84,000 yearly pension we deserve. Oooh boy....
  4. RockyRogue

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    Make no mistake: UPS has the money to do just that. I just can't see it happening. -Rocky
  5. 30andout

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    Looks like another teamster employee joined Brown Cafe and is worried about their job.:wink:
  6. submarine

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    Actually, I'm more secure in my job now than ever. Our current contract is the best ever and I am reaping the benefits. I found this website while I was searching for apwa related stuff.

    I believe this is all a smoke screen to facilitate UPS withdrawing from the multi-employer pension plans. Sure they will promise the moon, but make no mistake that would be the first step toward dismantling our pensions.
  7. pkgdriver

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    I believe this is all a smoke screen to facilitate UPS withdrawing from the multi-employer pension plans

    Im all for it then
  8. mittam

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    noone else needs to take steps to dimantle our pensions the teamsters did that for us
  9. mittam

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    The truth to co-workers is there is a better way than what the reamsters have. They have broken promises and lies, they are as corrupt as the day is long. They gave us the "richest" contract in history and :censored2: us away.All that they have taken from us would be strike issues if the company had done this. If the company truely did it then why are we working and not striking to get our contracted benefits back? No this the APWA is not a company ran thing, that is foolishness to think so. If the company no longer wanted the teamsters they could rid them by themselves. You have no idea of the laws it takes to do something like this and throw out allegations to the company and to 2 guys who dared to make a difference in the future of all the UPS employees. Mr. Skillman and Mr. Eason were longtime union dues paying members until the ibt screwed our brains out and they started the APWA. I know you are smarter though than anyone else possibly could be on this forum so union teamster plant give us all your expertise, I know you can't wait for a reply to your foolishness and unabashed lies so give it your best shot!!!!!!!
  10. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Good for you.
    My CS plan will net me $700.00 a month after 25yrs at UPS and when I die my wife gets half of that. I checked this directly from my CS plan. If think that is reaping, maybe your should check you spelling. Shuffle the a and the e in reaping and you get rapeing(that is misspelled also, but it conveys my meaning.)
    Smoke screen? NO.
    It is a direct effort to get UPSERS all their contributed money and not give it away to all the non-UPS multi-employees that drain it away.
    The teamsters are the one that promised us the moon, then gave us the moon.
    I really enjoy to see this discussion coming from the teamster supporters. Just a short time ago, the posts were only about no way anyone at UPS would join APWA. Now, the machine is getting worried and starting it's attack.
    I want a lawyer who knows how to "bust" the teamster union. I work for UPS, not a charity for others who do not.
    I am not a spokesman for APWA and all my opinions are my own.
    If you are a die hard teamster, then please explain why I, as a UPS driver, have to receive only 40 cents on the dollar for every dollar given by UPS towards my benefits?
    If you can answer that question in a logical/rational manner you will have my attention.
    Your rhetoric is telling,and you post is bogus.
    You just happened to stumble across this site while searching for APWA related stuff? Why would a dedicated teamster waste their time researching a group that the teamsters do not recognize as a union?
    Maybe, you are an individual that was just seeking information to make an informed decision and came to the conclusion that it is a secret plot. The ever evil UPS is spending vast resources to destroy the teamsters.
    Keep spreading that message and you just give APWA more support.
  11. sawdusttv

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    Speaking of union busting lawyers. Jimmy Hoffa Jr., represented both UPS and yellow frieght against their employees before becoming the Teamster President.
    So, You Teamsters supporters should know alot about union busting lawyers.
  12. mittam

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    Talk of having blinders on
  13. sawdusttv

    sawdusttv Active Member

    That's right, These teamsters have been worshiping a union busting lawyer for so long that they can smell one from a mile away. The only differance is that Mr. Coleman does not run the APWA.
  14. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Interesting that you have been out of the game(whatever that means) and discover management placed all those subversive APWA cards everywhere while you were not there to protect us. Where is your proof that management placed these evil cards in the pkg cars? Your vast detective abilities on the internet are amazing.
    While your surfing, check out Hoffa's union busting record.
  15. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Sorry brett, you just contributed to a poorly thought out post.
    Dubious evidence that management placed any cards anywhere. Heck, they are spending all their time and effort just to cover their backsides and get the pkg cars loaded and out of the building.
    I have never seen or heard anyone from APWA blaming the teamsters for everything under the sun. The whole issue has been, every cent given by UPS should only go to UPS employees, and that is the only point that the teamsters can not defend against.
    If you think that this is a subversive move by the company, then I think you are being paranoid. This movement is coming from fellow UPSERS who only want what we have earned.
    If my post is poorly written and not well thought out, I apologize.
    Check out Hoffa's past legal representations before you become a cheerleader for poorly written posts.
  16. brett636

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    Do a little research, thats completely false and has been proven so on this very board.

    Satellite- Your becoming another engineer79. Too blinded by emotion to get the big picture. Keep in mind that I did not say the APWA is a company initiative, but if managment was putting cards into package cars and other places drivers would find them then I do find that disturbing. Its comforting to know that this farce will never make it as my union representation. From what I can tell they have till late april to get enough votes to force an election and I'm betting they don't have near enough to get the job done.
  17. Cezanne

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    Satellitedrive, the only reason you would get 700 a month with 25 years service in the central states area is I'm guessing that you were under the part time company controlled plan when you started. All those years full time prior to the end of 2003 were paying at a rate of 100 dollars for every vested year. From my understanding the years after 2003 are penalized that 6 percent for every year before the age of 62, so your totals do not make sense.

    As far as this AWPA being company supported, it could be considering their claim of partitioning the funds that belong to UPS employees in the cental states is the same thing that UPS wanted during those congressional hearings prior to the new pension reform act of 2006.

    People better be reading the lasted on the current negotiations, read between the lines and make your judgements on what is going on behind the scenes. Here is my take on this: That the union is trying to take over the part-timers' pension funds in the central states plan to fortify the current underfunding. For example in the teamster's western conference trust the part timers contribute the same hourly rate as a full timer into a pension and health and welfare plan (per article 34, master lanuage). Not so currently in the central states trust were the company has total control of all the part timers retirement investments. That is one of the reasons that the central states plan is experiencing difficulty, the only ones contributing are the full timers. Could you imagine the monetary windfall that this trust would benefit if ALL the union employees part time and full time were contributing. Considering that most of the UPS full timers under central states have at least 6 to 15 years part time service already. How far the union can go back to collect those funds would be another interesting story. This brings up an interesting question to whatever happen to the contributions that should of been going into our pension and health and welfare plans, I have my own opinions, let us hear yours.
  18. GuitarManHD28

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    I would about guess that management Did Not leave the APWA papers........from all I have seen, management is againts it. My SCM said to me "What does the APWA have? they have nothing"........thats coming from a SCM with over 30 years of service. I think that if anything Hoffa and UPS have an aggreement to give UPS Freight over to the union in lew of a good contract for the package side and future contracts........just my thoughts............
  19. 30andout

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    From what you post here we all better be ready for another strike by the teamster heads if that is what they want. We won't have a vote in it till its all done.
  20. 705red

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    Can i as a union driver please load my truck 3 hours before my start time?
    For free?
    Can i work through my lunch and breaks?
    Can i work 15 hours a day delivering packages?
    Can i make my own side agreements with management?
    To benefit me only?
    Ifso how do i sign up?