Arbitrator awards former UPS employee nearly $400,000

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    Arbitrator awards former UPS employee nearly $400,000 - Great Falls Tribune

    An arbitrator awarded a Missoula man nearly $400,000 in a wrongful discharge case brought against his employer of 24 years, United Parcel Service of America.
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    Did the Teamsters win this one? If so that would be a first .I am very happy for this man.
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    I clicked on the link and got nothing.
    I could be wrong but it's my understanding that when a case goes to arbitration the local union pays the attorney fees for the member.
    I think this victory is great and serves two purposes:
    1) the public becomes more informed of the antics the company is capable of and;
    2) it's a victory for the little guy, you know, the working slob just trying to make it through life.
    I would like to know more about it.
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    I couldn't pull the story up either on the newspaper's website. I was wondering if this was the Package Driver who was in the paper claiming he was harrassed because UPS kept loading his Package Car backwards on purpose?:mad:
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    Looks like the guy was a sup. Does not mention the teamsters.
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