Are there any other centers ...

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    Has anyone noticed a spike in warning letters, suspense and discharges. I came in this morning and the s*** hit the fan. We had a line down the steps, production and not working as directed. That's the flavor of the week.
    Are there any other centers going through the same situations.......
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    We had a PCM saying, staffing is now releated to volume.

    Which makes no sense, they short staff the operation and say low volume. But the parttime SUPS are loading, unloading, spliting the the belt, while 4 guys are scheduled off.
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    Little boy brown, you seem to ask a lot of interesting questions.
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    pretty much all the questions and/or topics on here have been brought up or asked over and over in the last 10 years...its nothing new
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    It's a way of life at UPS. Intimidation and harrassment is the norm...... if you let them. Management in operations is threatened everyday to make unattainable numbers work. They've cleaned out most of the managers who had the balls to tell them when things don't work. Now they have sock puppets with no real driving experience who stand there everyday and tell you how easy your job is. It's not your job to work miracles just work at a steady pace, drive carefully, take your lunch between your 3rd and 6th hour, and show up everyday and you'll be fine.
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    Thanks, I try ask and see what's going on around the country. Every center or hub is different, every center has a different flavor of the week.
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    Have you had any topside personnel changes? The "new Sheriff in town" mentality runs rampant in upper management.
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    Go back to my Feeder production thread...It all depends on your district...Ours is spitting blood right now...
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    The Flavor of the Week in our center last week was Safety, Service and Performance. Then it was changed to Safety, Grow the business , Service and Performance . A driver informed the center manager, in the PCM, that he was incorrect the previous week in informing us of the new flavor of the week. The center manager was adamant that he was not incorrect the previous week, and that he stated that there were four new Flavors of the Week. Of course he was mistaken over 50 drivers heard him make the statement. But it comes as no surprise the driver who attempted to correct the center manager received a three day ride.
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    Unfortunately,this is the norm for most centers.
    I don't know why the ones "up there" are so far
    removed from reality.From another angle,some center manager's
    manage to achieve results with personality.
    Those who refuse to follow methods are subject to selective discipline.
    As far as production goes,WE WILL ALWAYS WIN...every day is like a bag of bits and bites
    a whole new ball game.
    One thing they have going for them is the intimidation factor.