Are they being sneaky?

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    I started a thread a couple of months ago regarding an injury I reported to my supervisor. He didn't believe me at first and then pressured me to work for an additional hour. Using only one arm! Long story short, I was told last Tuesday that they couldn't provide me with TAW any longer and that I would have to go on comp until I was 100%. Today I get a letter from them asking if I want to go off work under the Family and Medical Leave Act instead of under workers' comp. The letter says I can have up to 12 weeks of UNPAID, and this part is in quotations in the letter, "JOB PROTECTED" leave. It also says that if I use workers comp it will effect the amount of time available to me under FMLA in the future. Oh, and they also included a flyer offering Ca$h in a Fla$h from a local cash loans establishment. Has this happened to anyone?
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    I agree with cachsux.....don't do it.
    You are protected under worker comp. If you go on FMLA the company will tell the judge, ".......but judge, sir......this injury couldn't have been work related because he applied for FMLA. Don't go on short term disability through the union either (for the same reason).
    BTW, the company can't force you to go on FMLA.
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    I hope you have a lawyer.
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    I do now. I was hoping to avoid all of the legal stuff if I could, but after all that has happened, I feel I have no choice!
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    I'm definitely not planning on going this route. It seems as though they are trying to screw me over every chance they get. I have to keep on my toes at all times and watch what I say to these people. I was hurt at work and was offered no medical care by them and this is how they treat me? Not to mention the fact my sup accused me of "faking it" I find it to be rather insulting that they would include a flyer from a cash loan store while they are trying to cheat me out of workers comp. Oh and BTW, they have some moron in a white van watching me all day now. He sits in his car right in front of my house. Think I should offer him something to drink?
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    Yeah very sneaky. Anything to deny the comp whether it is trying to say that you injured yourself of the job to this Family leave crap.

    Take the comp.
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    Odds are you received a Form Letter notifying you of the Family Medical Leave Act as a option if your Workman's Comp claim is denied.
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    Three suggestions here, either:
    1) get a friend to drive up to this van, get out with a camera and start taking pictures or;
    2) you take the pictures yourself and then;
    3) call the police and report a suspicious person/stalker.
    PS- get a clear picture of the license tag on the vehicle. I bet your attorney can trace it.
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  9. traveler

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    Excellent but go with number 3 first... call the police first telling them there is a suspicious person in a van parked in front of your house. Give them the license number if you have it or can get it.

    In some states you can get the name and address of the car's owner from the police if you have the license number.
  10. trickpony1

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    Perhaps "cantwin" should do like the company does and "veneer" himself with third parties doing the "dirty work". Have two friends with video or disposable still cameras from the local drugstore pull up behind the van, write down the tag and start snapping photos.
    Split second timing is important. This should be orchestrated like a military operation.
    Photos of the tag, driver and any other identifying features of the van is important.Then call the police about the stalker/suspicious person and ASK FOR A COPY OF THE REPORT.

    cost of cameras: nominal
    look on driver's face: priceless
    evidentiary value to your attorney: immeasurable

    Have fun and enjoy the "rush".
  11. over9five

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    "3) call the police and report a suspicious person/stalker."

    I would add that he always seems to be watching the little boys at the bus stop....
  12. sweetshadesbrah

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    No sense in calling the police about the insurance person watching you. They already know. They have to register with the local department.
  13. sweetshadesbrah

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    well correction that might vary from state to state but.. here they have to register
  14. traveler

    traveler Where next? Venice

    I agree that you may get a response like "he belongs there". I once had the same situation only the watcher wasn't for me but the guy across the street. Once I called the police, the person in the car was never seen again but a day later an FBI agent rang my bell and asked if I had ever seen the person across the street driving a Rolls Royce! A few months later he was indited for embezzlement and taking bribes. You never know!
  15. over9five

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    " FBI agent rang my bell..."

    And you were home???? That had to be a one in a million chance!
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    Are they being sneaky?
    AH YEAH!!!:sneaky2:
    If your being watched who cares if you don't like it call the cops and tell them something looks suspicious. Just don't do anything more than what your Dr. has restricted you to do. If you have a GOOD comp attorney then they should have told you that you may be under survallence(sp?) and if your case were to go in front of a comp judge then your attorney will ask for any and all survallence done on you before trial and they must produce it..