Are you a Liberal?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by av8torntn, Jan 12, 2008.

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    An interesting quiz but I knew the correct answers to give, that a knowledgeable person would, not be declared a "liberal". The quiz was a bit slanted but quite predictable by the time I answered question two.

    The second article you posted was most enlightening. Yes, the media is against anything the current administration does, and particularly anything the military does that is a success. As those nine casualties were announced the other day I asked myself, "what else happened that you are not telling us?" There is far too much bias "reporting" in the mainstream media.
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    It's funny how we see the same thing from different perspectives. I don't see the media reporting all that much on Iraq these days. Yeah, there is the occassional event they may report and true, it's probably bad news so to speak. I actually take the lack of news as a good sign that things are going well and calming down. Remember the nightly news a couple of years back when things were really hot?

    I mean, even on the campaign trail, Iraq is a backseat issue because it is so quite and US domestic issues like economy. healthcare, etc. seem to me more the frontseat issues. You know the democratic candidates would love a good Iraq falling out right now but it's not there.

    OK, so the media reports a few bad events in Iraq but compare that to your local news. Bad car wreck, a rape, bank robbery or murder, bad fire, etc. but did they report a group of neighbors got together and rebuilt the falling apart house of a poor elderly woman who has no one to help her? That stuff happens every day across the fruited plains of this country and yet it's the rare exception it get's reported. We'll rubberneck a bad carwreck all day long but we'll ride by completely obilvious to that house being fixed up and helping out an old lady.

    Based on that little factoid of human nature, what would you report on if you were the lead editor of the news crew? Maybe instead of blaming the media as we all are quick to do when the time is right, maybe we should step in front of a mirror and judge ourselves first. Maybe in there lies the real root of the problem.

    As for Iraq, I still disagree with the whole policy that led us there but I take a bit of ignorant bliss in that no news is good news!
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    I think that was the point. They were taking a shot at Obama. Sorry you did not enjoy it as much as I did.
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    I did like the premise but being a quiz taker and puzzle solver (just finished the Sunday paper's crossword) they could have changed the format a bit rather that have every correct answer a "D". I'm sure I would have not been correct on all the answers had I not figured that out by question 2 and confirmed it at question 3.
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    OK, I never even got through question #1.

    Too much like a high school math test.

    I have nightmares about...."A train leaves Detroit heading west at 80 MPH. Another train leaving L.A. heading east at 60 what city will they cross each other?


    PS. I also have finished the Sunday crossword puzzle.
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    But if it were to difficult how would a liberal take it?
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    Dang moreluck, and you probably thought you were fairly conservative, huh? I always knew you were a liberal at heart :wink2:
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    Sorry to laugh at your expense More but that was a pretty good one by Jonesy!
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    (I know this is gonna stir the :censored2: storm but here goes anyway)


    I think the reason the letter "D" was used had to do with the level of intelligence of some "so-called" conservatives. There is a problem of thinking things out to some logical conclusion without going to the darkside of illogical emotions like the left is historically known for. The "D" was used like the color red with a bull because the "D" is the first letter of the word democrat and therefore a good little "conservative" has been mentally conditioned to react to the word and thus the appearance of the letter draws automatic attention!

    Watch what happens!

    DEMOCRATS are great!

    DEMOCRATS are the best!

    DEMOCRATS are number 1!


    OK guys, flame away cause I deserve it but I just could resist the temptation! Besides, we gotta laugh sometimes at this crap or it will absolutely consume us all.
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    As an independent with conservative leanings all I can say is...


    On second thought...

    :blahblah: :blahblah: :blahblah:

    Well, maybe...

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I second that!!!

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    And how do these three stories have anything in common? It has to do with bias and the media. No one would bite but it was still fun. It is very similar to the way Wkmac said in another thread that communism and the republican party are similar. He said read the communist manifesto and you would just see. So I thought if you took the ten planks from the communist manifesto I would see the light. No he says that was not it. Maybe he meant that communism wanted to destroy the upper class. Probably not that either. Maybe it was because they wanted to promote atheism. Nope could not be that since republicans are called the religious right. Communism promised to bring relief to the masses. Maybe that was it. But all the party line people on here claim that republicans only care about the rich. So that is not it either. The media keep telling us every single time that they get caught in their bias that if only we really understood. Much like Wkmac and communism or Jones and the free market swipe or diesel and most things posted. Yes I have my bias. I do not try and hide it. I am republitarian a party of one. Oh and the last article was from the NY Times if you can believe it.
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    Seriously though your point is a good one. But then this board has grown so much I usually just skim posts until something in red catchs my eye.:happy-very:
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    Obvious bias in the story no? I fully understand it was an op ed piece and was supposed to have bias but it fits in with my bias.
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    If you aren't aware, Bill Kristol in now an op-ed writter for the NY Times.

    I'd guess in their thinking that adding Bill Kristol to the NY Times genetic soap would breed out some of the "liberal" label that they wear. May work for others but I see Mr. Bill through very different glasses so it does nothing either way for me.
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    Yes, wkmac, I did realize that he joined the Times staff. I also heard there were some very upset people at the Times because of that editorial and also the fact that he was added to the Times staff. I don't remember the names of those folks though.