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    Just wanted to get some advice on here. Little background fist. I am a very fortunate pt who has been moved up to the feeder department in jacksonville,fl. I started in September of 2015 and have been working there ever sense. On page 199 on the teamsters southern region uion handbook the paragraph reads. "New feeder openings will be filled from the list of qualified employees In the order in Wich the employee qualified as a tractor-trailer driver." Does this mean if I qualify before a ft or a higher senior pt employee I will fill the spot first? Or even a off the street hire? (Because we have 5 off the street hires now)if you need any more info please ask.
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    Correct on all counts.

    You have classification seniority. When you changed classification, you got a new seniority date for the purpose of bidding.

    You have more seniority in the feeder department than anyone coming to feeders after you, even if it is 30 year package driver.
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    Ok. Thanks for the response. Ups also has rearrange the pt seniority list in the order of seniority not in order of the qualified tractor-trailer driver. If I filled on the first question will this fall into it? Also what article would I use to fIle on outside hires being brought in without promoting pt to a full time status? Thank you so much for you help. I feel like I have read the union handbook 3 or 4 time now.
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    Not necessarily different areas operate differently. In my building senority is by building not classification.
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    Apparently, the OP does not have a local seniority practice, in which case it falls to the Southern Region Supplement. You apparently have a local seniority rider.

    And what do you mean by building, not classification?

    If a job opens, it goes to the highest senior person in the building, regardless of whether he is in packages, feeders, a clerk, a porter, 22.3?

    So if a feeder job opens up, a 40 year clerk can bid on it?
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    In my building, yes. If he has his CDL of course.
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    I know of a few buildings without any type of classification seniority, but I didn't think there were more than a handfull.
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    In my building you would first have to bid into the new classification as coverage but once you are in then you can bid a route and your full company senority would come with you.
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    Yup. Or that's how most that I know of work.

    But not necessarily coverage. If a new job comes in or a retirement, the trickle down effect should leave one job open for someone outside the classification to bid on.

    They come in and bring their seniority with them.

    And yes I know there are a handfull of building seniority or strict classification seniority, but I think the majority is a described here.