As a non-union employee, do i HAVE to be enrolled in their insurance?

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    Just noticed on my paycheck that I'm now paying deductions for BFTAX FLEX. I already have pretty good insurance and I'm not interested in paying for this. Is there a way I can take myself out of this program, especially since I didn't enroll myself in the first place? Thanks in advance.
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    Grieve it!!!!!
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    interesting question,, i would assume yes,, but ask your HR person for factual info
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    Isnt usually AFTAX and BFTAX options ones you have to choose and have deducted from your check to receive? If you didn't enroll in the first place you should be able to cancel it through payroll.
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    Just contacted hr/payroll like you said. They also were able to see I hadn't enrolled in anything. They basically took it off for the rest of the year and I'm to be credited 500 dollars over the next year. Thanks for the help, guys.