New Young Feeder Driver


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Absolutely, I totally get all of this and have been listening to all of you. However, I have the mindset of, this is the only possible way to get on w/ UPS, so struggle while I am young and in the beginning, then reap the benefits in a few years, before I have a family and kids. I've been answering my phone every time they call w/ work opportunities, and plan to keep doing that.

During the "free period" you cannot gain seniority, those dates are 11/15 - 1/15, correct?
Yes you're seasonal but don't let that discourage you. If you show up all the time they ask you to
and keep a safe driving record you'll make a good impression. UPS can do whatever it wants.
There are always exceptions to be made. And if the feeder manager you work for decides he wants
you around, he'll find a way to keep you.

You won't be working full time after peak, but if you come in whenever he calls, they'll find a way
to keep you. It's a pleasure to see a young guy who wants to hustle.


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Or just go on into mgt. Your enthusiasm will surely take you there. I've seen a hundred of em. That opportunity might come sooner than full time.


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MEANJ if I remember you right
@Yeet does not :censored2: around.
Nah, not from MEANJ. We send a lot of loads there and get a lot of our day loads from Meadowlands though.

But you are correct in assuming I don’t mess around.

Where the hell have you been? Haven’t seen you around in a while.


Not gonna let ‘em catch the Midnight Rider