Atlanta SMART Hub Open House today


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I went to the ribbon cutting/open house at the new Atlanta Hub today. I saw Dave Abney give his speech along with the local politicians including the Governor. Hamburgers/hot dogs were catered in along with kiddie bounce toys. Vehicles on display were all CNG, including the Shifters. 1.2 million square feet, I wandered around it and workers were still welding stuff together. It has 648 dock doors total, 104 unload doors, 324 outbound doors, 12 lane feeder gate, 36,000 square foot automotive shop, three lane car wash, and you have to climb lots of steps and enter the building through the "Heritage Bridge" that crosses the yard. I'm glad I'm not working there, I would be worn out just walking to my work area to clock in.

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I like how the plaque on the boulder says “Our most important asset is our people” and then is like, “Welcome to the automated terminal!” right below it.


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Well, at least it fits right into the Company’s corporate and managerial culture of not really thinking things through prior to their real world implementation on the ground..
Yeah , they just show up when everything’s nice and new but when it’s opened and running they never show up again lol..


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We have drivers getting handicap placards to save 250 steps. I bet their handicapped lot will need to be expanded at some point.

The handicapped spots are next to the guard shack at the foot of the pedestrian bridge. It looks like the bridge is 2-3 stories tall. You have to climb those steps and walk across over the yard and then climb down another set of steps when you enter the building. There is a lot of walking in that building, I noticed people riding tricycles inside to get around.