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  1. retired2000

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    my wife went for her YEARLY physical in june of this year. we got the report from atnea yesterday saying we owe the doc $160. called atnea and the rep says we can only have a physical every two years. never recieved a letter saying this is the new policy. has anyone else run into this kind of thing? i am here in the north east if that makes a difference
  2. Sammie

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    Yes, dear, Aetna does not cover routine physicals. Period. I learned that the hard way. So now with my history of asthma, I have my doctor code my visits as an asthma check up. :closedeye

    Play your game and I'll play it right back.
  3. browned_out

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    :sad: I'm on then west coast and have aetna for dental/vision, they don't even pay 100% for teeth cleaning.
  4. ups79

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    Same here. I am retired, went to a doctor because being 60 I fiqured I had better become established with a family doctor. Had what was called a comprehensive physical and several blood tests totally nearly $600.00. Aetna denied everything saying this was routine service which was not covered. When I was working before retirement I assumed our insurance in retirement would be great. It only appears it is good if you are sick, not if you are trying to prevent sickness by having examines and blood test. To me what they want you to do is be grossly sick before you find out that you are. I now believe that what I thought was a great benefit, doesn't amount to much.
  5. Channahon

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    Personally, I think Aetna is like any other insurance company. All claims denied initially, until you call and challenge them.

    I went through a routine exam, as prescribed by my doctor, Aetna paid for the facility, but not the doctor expense.

    Hello, what does that tell you, and the doctor was in network.

    Pain in the butt, to the point, I thought I ought to charge them for my time on the phone.

    Maybe some day they can take care of my STRESS related issues, due to them not taking care of my claim initially.
  6. 1989

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    William Earhart does my teamster medical. It doesn't cover child well check ups after the age of 3. My youngest son(13) went in for a followup after an ER visit. The doctor coded it as a child well check up. Eight months later I got served a lawsuit for $320 (no calls from the doctor office. no statements saying it's going to collections. nothing.) I was waiting for insurance to pay their portion. Now I find out that teamster legal can't represent me because of conflict of interest.:mad:
  7. retired2000

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    sammie, here in the northeast atnea use to cover physicals every year. i have had one every year in feb since i retired. in fact i had one this past feb and everything was covered. so sometime between feb and june they changed the coverage. which is fine but, at least they should send a letter saying they did!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Pkgrunner

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    Sounds like you have Managed Choice POS---at least now you know what the POS stands for:wink:
  9. #1angelfan

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    i have blue cross/blue shield. we are aloud 1 physical every year, but it has to be a year apart. maybe you should check into other plans as october is the time you can change if you want to.
  10. ups_vette

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    People wonder why health care costs are rising. You don't think one reason might be that people "play games" with their Insurance coverage do you???? One person cheats and we all pay.
  11. retired2000

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    we are still covered under the ups plan for retirees so i cannot see changeing companies right now. we are not trying to cheat anyone just trying to figure out if everyone is running into the same problems with atnea.
  12. Sammie

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    Originally Posted by Sammie
    Yes, dear, Aetna does not cover routine physicals. Period. I learned that the hard way. So now with my history of asthma, I have my doctor code my visits as an asthma check up.

    One person cheats, which in this case is Moi, I guess.

    I wonder how many people include in their yearly physicals a peak flow meter chart, blood tests for oxygen and steroid levels, the latest choices in inhalers and nebulizers, and the occasional referral to National Jewish, the #1 respiratory hospital in the country, which is amazingly enough in my city. I'm on daily steroids because breathing is a pretty cool thing to do.

    So if that makes me a cheat, a liar and a criminal, then I guess that's how it goes!