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  1. Birdblue

    Birdblue Member

    When a sup goes into a trailer and does an audit by scanning packages in a trailer is he like checking for speed and can he use the audits he does to get that loader fired or moved to another belt?
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  2. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS


    Better speed up
  3. sandwich

    sandwich The resident gearhead

    Not yet

    And to add to this. Don't worry about speed. Just do your thing and try to not misload.
  4. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    Shut the door and throw a padlock on it.
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  5. Maple Grove MN Driver

    Maple Grove MN Driver Cocaine Mang!

    Yep they are building a case to fire you.
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  6. km3

    km3 Well-Known Member

    All he's doing is making sure every package gets scanned.
  7. Birdblue

    Birdblue Member

    Are you serious or just playing with me?
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  8. Maple Grove MN Driver

    Maple Grove MN Driver Cocaine Mang!

    Serious as a Cocaine Induced heart attack
  9. PeakMode

    PeakMode Arrive Peak Leave

    Depends, on how guliable you are. Work at a safe and efficient pace. Sups can't fire you. You fire yourself at UPS.
  10. eats packages

    eats packages I have depth perception issues

    geezus are they doing another production drive or something, this is the fourth thread in a week.

    Do your job safely, seriously it's as simple as that, fk most/all your sups. 1/100 actually do things that make the operation smoother, the rest just are just kissa.
  11. Wally

    Wally BrownCafe Innovator & King of Puns

    You wear tin foil for protection?
  12. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    This is a absolute lie. Cocaine only induces good times and hookers to go the extra mile.

    Stop spreading your management lies about cocaine!
  13. Birdblue

    Birdblue Member

    What do you mean by not yet?
  14. Birdblue

    Birdblue Member

    You being
    serious or just playing? Just wondering?
  15. scooby0048

    scooby0048 This page left intentionally blank

    If you are that friggin paranoid, why don't you just quit. There has got to be some other job with less stress that you can screw up better.
  16. sandwich

    sandwich The resident gearhead

    Efficient... lol. :censored2: this place. Move 1 pkg at a time.
  17. sandwich

    sandwich The resident gearhead

    Current contract no. They cannot fire you based on technology. I.e. scanning for misloads. If new contract gets ratified with new language then yes.
  18. Birdblue

    Birdblue Member

    What about load quality? Can management fire a loader for poor load quality?
  19. Birdblue

    Birdblue Member

    Really are you serious? Just wondering?
  20. PrimeUPS

    PrimeUPS Member

    If you fail to follow the methods or fail to follow instructions, yes.