Automated Smalls Sort Question. SLS

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We are 6 months into running the new SLS. How are positions decided? Seniority? Or Supervisor free for all.

We started with seniority. Now the supervisors are saying there is no seniority positions. Seniority just for start time, exit time, and vacations.


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I was always told as you were, seniority is for start time and vacations for PT. But at least at my hub (again, could vary by building/supplement language), HR has a preferred job list. You could put your name down once you passed your 30 days. Small sort, irreg train driver, hazmat responder and high value clerk were the ones available. When jobs opened up, they are supposed to go to those lists first. Doesn't always happen, but supposed to. Have had people placed there after filing grievances if needed.

If no one is on the list, supervisors have the right to staff the operation as necessary.


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Small sort "positions" are not "skilled" positions in the new automated small sort, hence seniority has no bearing on whether you get a "preferred" position. There are actually no longer "skilled" positions due to the new union contract language. The 1.00 differential between "sorter" and "loader" employees the company used to give has been done away with and now all start out at 14.00/hr. There is no distinction between bagger/tender/debagger everyone there is classified the same.