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    I imagine it's been discussed. Search, and nothing comes up. Just would like to fully understand them.

    Seems like quite a flawed metric, and supervisors agree. Still, they get on you if you rack 'em up.

    Biggest problem with these is that you have to drive a certain distance before backing which is often unrealistic and unreasonable.

    What is this distance??

    Seems like UPS implemented this without considering many real world situations.

    To avoid these, I (and every one of us) have to walk quite a bit more.

    For example, I have an industrial park on my route. Many of the buildings have "dead end" strips that you must do 3-point turns to get out of. There's businesses on each side. If I understand this right, I have to go to the end and turn around first and proceed to deliver to each unit. To deliver efficiently, I would enter and deliver to my right and work my way down. Because of the back first rule, I have to pass units on my right and get them on the way out which results in having to cross over. Reason for this is that the distance you must go is longer than this strip of road.

    They say the rule is in place "because things change". Thing is, how are you not aware of what's coming when you go, say 25 ft., and then back? The area is fresh to you.

    I first thought the exception occurred when you immediately back after starting up engine. That makes more sense. But having to drive X amount of distance makes things really inefficient.

    Those who can offer complete clarity on this - Thanks!
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    I back when I need to. They are always more than welcome to come show me how's it's done. Funny they never take me up on the offer.
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    Its just a number on a report. It doesnt mean anything. Obviously you should always back first whenever possible, but in the real world that we go out and work in, that isnt always going to be possible.
  4. soberups

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    UPS implements pretty much everything without considering real world situations. It all makes perfect sense to the man in the cubicle.
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    They'll look at google earth before they bring a shop steward in for puttin paper on you. One driver Did his best to walk off and eliminate almost all his backing manures for two days straight. He got directed to "knock it off" And yes the metric is asinine but my Ctr Mgr does what hes told.
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    That was the flavor of the month when they wanted it to be a few months ago. Now it will be orion then itll be whatever the hell they want it to be. Always something with these idiots.
  7. Dracula

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    Here is your answer: because Daddy says so.

    Get back to work.
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    One on car sup told me 100 another said 300. I only show up on the report if I back less than about 150 feet. One on car told me if you back within 90 seconds of stop completing it will also throw the exception.

    They use smartstop/telematics to see where you backed if you have too many exceptions and there are ways to not have an exception show up on the report but bottom line is they're not going to bother you if you only have 1 or 2 a day or if they can see you needed to back again like from one dock to another.

    One day a cover driver got pulled in the office for having 9 and was told the regular driver has 5 per day.
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    Gun the gas pedal then go into reverse. This cuts the miles, or on a hill, use N to coast back. If you can turn around using N, you are free with no back on report.
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    In the real world a company with this much concern for safety wouldn't keep a guy out on the road humpin and dumpin for 14 hours then park his truck in a spot with 2'' on each side!
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    Back first rule as explained to me was to back first before making a delivery, not a street.
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    You would think. I know for a fact that that does not work.
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    This is only partially correct: yes, we are supposed to back first, if needed, before making a delivery; however, if we are forced to make another back before traveling 500', it will be considered a back first exception. In this instance we should have either made the delivery from the street or proceeded past the delivery location, turned around and then made the delivery.

    Each delivery situation is unique but by sizing up the situation you can best determine the ideal way to deliver that stop.
  15. oldngray

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    If you don't drive far enough forward after stop before backing it gets flagged. Even if you go a short distance to end of street then turn around. I ignored this when it made more sense to have house on my right to deliver instead of turning around first and having to walk around truck to deliver.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I had an S&V last month and was surprised when my on car said it was OK to deliver small packages out of the driver door.
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    If its a large package its still better to go out passenger side, so you might deliver before going to end of street and turning around. Common sense trumps silly metrics.

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    Wait til you get ORION !!

    They want you to back as much as possible to cut miles.
    Everything you were taught as a delivery driver has been thrown out the window for this POS
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    So 499' not good 501' it's OK. They going to supply distance scopes now?