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    I am a former loader that was moved to small sort in September. For the first two months my old belt didn't need me and I was on small sort's clock. Now however, during the day or after I finish my work my old belt (who, had the chance to offer me a better job in the HVD/LVD to let me stay) call me back to load or help them out. My part-time sup can't do anything but send me even though she doesn't want to. Only one person in my area left with me but it is my old belt that calls me back. Is there anyway I can say no and not go without getting in too much trouble. And if I am from small sort on the outbelt helping them out should I be losing my $1.00 raise I got to go into small sort?
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    Its been a while since I was PT, but if you're being sent to work out of your normal work area/classification, I believe you are entitled to the prevailing wage. Consult your shop steward, and grieve if neccessary for owed back pay.
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    Work as directed and you keep your buck an hour.
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    You always get paid the higher rate for the entire day as a PT'er, to my knowledge.
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    If 50% or more of your day is spent doing higher wage job, that is your wage.
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    It varies by supplement, I'm sure.
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    I believe its Art.22 and Art 40 of the Master.