Back to UPS socks.


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Brown with the UPS shield logo on em.. not too hard to imagine.. ;)
I'll see if I can dig out a pair collecting dust in my sock drawer.


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Can someone post up pictures of UPS socks.

Here we go again, folks!!! Subways, you crack me up -

in January:

If anyone has pictures of drivers wearing UPS socks or just UPS socks, please post it.

in April:

Why not put up a picture on a driver who is wearing UPS socks with his uniform on. (I'm certainly glad he specified that his uniform should be ON...)

again in April:

Since someone posted that there are showers in the Manhattan South building in NYC, can someone post up a picture on what the showers look like & do drivers use the showers when finishing their...

I'm starting to feel real bad here for Subways. How about we get a collection going and get this man HIS OWN CAMERA!!!???!!!

But until then, maybe Diadlover could provide you with a nice sketch of those socks...


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You guys are way funny....

UPS guy here used to auto cross and I surprised him with such a doll as a birthday present/gag gift once to use as his "passenger".... (I have motion sickness so I sure as heck couldn't ride with him)...

"She" was a big hit among his fellow racers....

Haven't thought about "Her" for a long time...

Even tho the shopping process for "Her" nearly traumatized me for life...

(And you thought Moreluck had all the fun....)
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