Background check for promotion?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by btrlov, Apr 12, 2013.

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    I know security promotions require another background check to get from pt sup to FT sup or specialist(as stated by a DM). What about operations. I know a pt sup with a violent felony on his record(attempted murder), but wants to be promoted. he said once HR approves the initial hire, your good after that.Is this true?
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    Unless he tried to kill someone else he should be all set.
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    The airlines operation the felony will count against him.
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    Management has been killing this company for the last 13 years, he'll fit right in.
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    He will most likely have problems with that felony being promoted. If he does, he will never work in airline operations, ever. I have had potential new-hires denied an airport badge from violent misdemeanors, let alone a felony of any kind....attempted murder? Lol....he isn't going anywhere fast.
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    Anytime you change job classifications (e.g. PT->FT, PT->PT air, PT->OMS, etc.) UPS performs a background check. Additionally, if you're applying for a managerial-level position, UPS will perform a credit check.

    We have a FT driver sup who spent his 20s behind bars for manslaughter, began his UPS career as part of a work release program, got his degree upon getting out & was quickly promoted soon after. He runs church groups, speaks about his past, etc. and thus has demonstrated that he's changed. But there's people who would've held his past against him. It all depends on your current management team. Of course, if your felonies legally prohibit you from doing the job (e.g. you're a sex offender who's prohibited from being around children unsupervised).
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    In a case why wouldn't the company look to relocate him to truly give him a fresh start?
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    I dont understand how he got in - in the fist place. Here in NJ when someone applies there is a check and if any convictions show up they dont get hired.