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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by TooLazy, Nov 8, 2007.

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    So yesterday, I joined the ranks of countless others looking for employment with the Brown goodness. I applied for package handler at the Buffalo hub and went in for my tour/interview oddness. I was with three other kids (under 21) and a bunch of middle-aged people. Anyways, I went in had my interview and then was told they were going to run a background check and then call me. I was just curious if anyone can comment on if they're actually intent on hiring me or just jerking me around. Stupid question perhaps but I didn't ask if I actually had a job like I usually would, I was too busy being confused. One of the managers said they weren't hiring package handlers, but when I got in the interview they said they'd put me on Twilight...thanks.
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    I know that when they hired me almost 30 years ago, they called one of my references. The fact that they say they are going to check your background might be a good omen.
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    did they give u a number for calling them?
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    I was in the same situation as you a week ago tour/interview on the same day(I don't think it went well). They told me the same thing we need to do a background check and call you (I thought I wouldn't get hired because they gave me the we'll call you line). A week pass and didn't received a phone call. So I call the HR office but couldn't get a hold of the HR that interview me. I talk to another person which sound like a swell guy, told him I'm doing a follow up. He check on my application and told me I was eligible, and he need to talk to the HR person first and give me a callback later on that day. I didn't received the phone call but he call me the next morning and told me I have orientation on Monday and you'll get paid for it. So try to wait about 5-7day and give them a call. Hope my interview experience with UPS give you a positive thought about getting hired there.
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    d'ohhh. did you both apply in buffalo?? I dont get this, i didnt get a tour, i just had 1 interview and thats all haha, all you people are made to jump through hoops.
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    I didn't really get a tour, just a small explanation of what was where. They originally told me they had no handler openings, but when it was one on one with HR he told me they'd "set me up" for Twilight and that positions were limited. I wasn't given any contact information, which worried me. However, the fact that they're doing a background check seemed promising.

    If anyone has contact information, or a number it'd be greatly appreciated, I was interviewed by Mark.

    My buddy said when he was hired he was given a tour, and then HR gave him a business card and said to email them if he wanted an interview. So I was quite surprised when things went the way they did for me. I've heard UPS hires anyone with a pulse and I'm more than qualified for handling physically and mentally.
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    If you would like the HR phone number PM me (you'll have to create an account to do that). I wont release a phone number for the whole public to see just incase there is someone who feels like annoying them.

    Ya idk how to read into what mark said, i got hired by aaron so...and he basically said the job was mine if i wanted it before i left that day.
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    hell, i went thru two interviews about 10 days apart and then they did the backround check on me and then had a final interview before i was hired. it took almost 30 days from the initial tour to the day i got hired
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    Odd they never told me they were going to do a background check.. I wonder if it had anything to do how I was dressed.
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    TooLazy is myself, I PMed you Pollocknbrown. I just hope this goes through for me.

    Well, he wrapped up the interview by asking me to confirm my birthday so he could run a background check, and then said after that they'd call. When my friend was hired in July he said they did one on him as well, so idk.
  11. When I went and was interviewed by the HR guy he did the background check while I was sitting right next to him and gave me a time for an interview on the next day. Went to the interview and when I got home the phone rang telling me the interview went well and was I available to show up for training.
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    IDK its probably a good sign but they did my background check right there when i went in for my interview, like i said. They only asked for my SSN and Bday to confirm them so they could and "what brought me to UPS" then we walked around and chatted small talk and then was offered the job, i seem like the odd man out on this stuff b/c everyone i talk to had like 2 interviews....your friend work the night or twi?
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    tooLazy, I think that you are being jacked around. They DO background checks, but nowdays that is done on a paid site to check your legal histories(and possibly credit history). 15 minutes tops.
    Some HR persons uses the "If they call back then they really must want the job" philosophy, but I smell something else. Was there even a hint of him wanting his palm greased with a twenty? Call me cynical, but that is the first thing I thought of. Definitely call HR back, and then gently try to steer away from this guy.
    To those who are wondering why HR does the tours and such..... Some years ago HR discovered that they were getting 25 % turnover the first week. The two theories on why were:
    a) The word was out that you could get three days of easy pay napping in orientation class and then quit, or
    b) the new hires did not know until after orientation what their jobs really were all about.
    The tours have signifigantly cut down on the number of first week quitters. Oh wait. "No One Quits"
    As far as I am concerned, this was the 600 pound gorilla in the brown uniforn that no one wanted to talk about during the contract negotiations. No one was concerned about the NEXT UPSer to walk through the doors.
    Well, I am, TooLazy. You keep us informed if your potential HR department is not giving you the courtesy you deserve. Now if you stole cars in high schools, may I suggest DHL?
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    Magoo he was very friendly and didn't even hint at anything. Said they'd do the check and have the job offer in a few days. I was thinking perhaps he wants me to call, so I suppose that's what I'll do.
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    Pollocknbrown is it ok if I PM you? I came here for the same reasons...I had worked with UPS a few years ago and applied to work seasonal again this year. My appointment was set for Oct.5th and it was INSANE held at a One stop appointment was at 2:30 I got there about 2 and there were people that had appointments at NINE am that were still waiting...I finally got my interview at a little after 5 and was told I would be one of the first people hired in this area, I know they should be working on orientation and things this week but I wanted to check on my application and make sure I REALLY have the job, otherwise I need to look elsewhere. Thanks a lot!
  16. RockyRogue

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    He's in Buffalo, New York. If you're somewhere else, you don't want to talk to his HR guy. If you're in Colorado, let me know. I have an HR contact number. -Rocky
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    One stop center? i dont even know what those are let alone if theres one in buffalo. If its some sort of a supermarket then u need to find someone who has an HR # from your area as my phone numbers are for buffalo only
  18. itsmetigress

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    Ok thanks guys! Actually I just got a call this morning and I go in for orientation Friday!
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    So, to get this thread a bit back on topic. It's been a week, I haven't received a call. However on the UPS careers website there are additional documents that appeared such as W-4, Direct Deposit setup, Elegibility, etc, I filled this out and it would appear I was hired. Anyone able to comment on this?
  20. athena

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    That is called a realistic job preview. I have heard of other companies using them to some success, especially for jobs that are composed of mostly observable behavior.