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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Wasabi, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Had an interview last week with UPS-Freight. Did the road test (passed) they gather bunch of paper and fax my stuff to the corporate for a background check, and before I left the building they had sent me to get a medical card (physical/drug screen test, I know I'm clean..Never touch that stuff). I've been driving for about sixteen years with two different companies (No Accident) just one speeding ticket about 4 years ago in personal car. Have a class-A with "T" endorsement, pass my Hazmat test from the DMV (waiting to clear/background check from TSA too). Questions?? What are they looking for as the background check thing...UPSF & TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and how long does this stuff take? I have excellent credit score (above 800). What are my chances to get on board with UPSF?? Any feedback from Ya'll would really appreciated....Thanks!!:dissapointed:
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    Welcome aboard. This part shouldnt take more than a week. They would not spend all that money for the physical if you werent hired, without the x on your license you probably wont be driving but will be working the dock and doing all the driver paperwork, then the fun begins...