Advice for Atlanta Intergrad


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I recently got the call for intergrad after working 30 days as a preloader. Did my driver's test and passed with a score under 30. That apparently qualified me enough to be considered and they're setting me up for my physical and eventual ticket to Atlanta.

I've heard a lot of conflicting reports from various people within my hub that said you have to know the 5s and 10s verbatim. The 5s I can understand as they're short and easily memorized. The 10s, while some of them being short, are a lot longer than the 5s. I've heard that you need to know the 5s by heart, and summarize the 10s. But I asked someone who failed Atlanta's intergrad about the 10s and she said they needed to be memorized by heart. HR said they needed to be memorized as well. Someone said it even comes down to the instructor. Nevertheless I'm going to memorize the 5s first before I attempt the 10s. It seems a bit silly, like they're trying to find a way to justify paying you upwards of $40/hr by sending you through hoops. That's not even the real cream of the crop apparently. A lot of people say the 5s and 10s are nothing in comparison to what they want you to actually learn, like the pre check and driver drills.

Which i've done before as I delivered furniture in a cabover before I switched to UPS. So I get the gist of it. 3 Points of contact entering/leaving. Check mirrors regularly and identify road/curb dangers. Don't run with the merchandise, Don't back up unless it's absolutely necessary etc.

Anyone who attended Atlanta and passed, can you verify how the course went throughout the week?


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Knowing those 5s and 10s before you even get there helps alleviate the stress it may cause