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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wanna_know, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. wanna_know

    wanna_know New Member

    Hey, everyone. New here. I have a quick question for those who are already working for UPS. How comprehensive is the background check that UPS does on a potential employee?

    The lady that interviewed me said as soon as the background check comes back clean, I'm hired. However, its been a week. How long is it supposed to take?

    I'm applying to be an customs agent, btw.

    Thanks for any and all help.
  2. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    What are you worried about?
  3. 71chevy

    71chevy Member

    I would think you would have to be quite spotless, applying for that position. Good luck.
  4. Harry Manback

    Harry Manback Robot Extraordinaire

    They're probably waiting on the results from the cavity search, performed by LP whilst you were sleeping. They're sneaky I'll tell ya. A wise man once likened them to Hitler's secret police, but maybe he just had a problem with authority.
  5. wanna_know

    wanna_know New Member

    I'm the kind of person who can't take anticipation. I have no criminal records, no credit issues, can't remember the last time I got a traffic ticket. I just want to know already.

    This hiring process has taken monthes, literally. I've lost many a night's sleep thanks to the endless wait.
  6. wanna_know

    wanna_know New Member

    I'm not afraid of anything. Its just that I am the type of person that can't take the anticipation.

    Seriously, this hiring process has been on-going for the good part of the past 3 months. I just want it over with one way or another.

    So can anyone give me an idea of how long the background check is supposed to be and what it covers?

    thanks again.
  7. 71chevy

    71chevy Member

    It's really hard to say, Big Brown can and will lead you on for long periods of time with these issues. Many times, they may not need that position filled immediatly, so they will keep you hanging with all type of lie's just so you can jump thru their hoops when they need you to. Believe me, they could care less about you and your situation. Good luck.
  8. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Sure glad they never checked into my background when I got hired in 1971. At that time of my life I couldn't quailfy as a dog catcher. I worried for 30 years that someone would dig up some old dirt on me. Yes I lied on my application. No I don't regret it. Made me the winner! Now days I'm sure things are easier to trace.
  9. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    Memorial day is coming, they hire alot then, I got called on a Monday nite, to be there the next day. 1984. They take fingerprints I know that. For a pt position they dont really care much about your traffic tics, unless its excessive. Thats only a preview of things to come. Id keep hounding the number so they dont forget you.
  10. Channahon

    Channahon New Member

    Background checks vary by positions. I would imagine applying to be a customs agent, would be more detailed.
    If working at a Air facility, TSA guidelines must be followed.

    UPS uses a corporate vendor for background checks, turn around commitment by the vendor use to be 7 days at the max.
  11. Sammie

    Sammie Well-Known Member

    My, how sophisticated things have become. The people I knew when I was hired, including myself, handed in letters from our local police stations stating that we weren't criminals, filled out a form, got a quick interview and were hired on the spot. The whole process took maybe half an hour. Looking back, sure was small town life during simpler times...
  12. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Background checks are instantaneous now, thanks to computers.

    If theyre keeping you waiting, it has nothing to do with background checks.
  13. wanna_know

    wanna_know New Member

    Hmm... I guess that's true. Then I wonder what the delay is about since they already told me to show up for work on May 14th. I know I might just be paranoid, but I really want that piece of paper that says I have a job before I quit my current one.

    Thanks for all of your help.
  14. clockrider

    clockrider brown did nothing 4 me

    I wouldn't quit my other job anyway. As low person in seniority, you run the chance of being laid off for days or weeks at a time. I have seen part-timers go to driving school, then be told they are next to go driving, mgr tells them to quit their other job, and then wait 5 or 6 months before they actually go driving.

    Some of the PTers on my bldg ended up quitting UPS because they had quit their other job, and were told they were going driving and couldn't keep waiting, They had waited 4 or 5 months and still had not gone driving.