Bad Accident

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Johney, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Johney

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    Bad Accident
  2. Fnix

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    Driver will get fired anyways and have to live with guilt.
  3. dirty moose

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    why would the driver be fired?
  4. HazMatMan

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    I agree, he won't be fired. Looks like the guy tried to beat the ups truck making a left turn, must have been in a hurry. I am not being heartless I just don't understand why people are always in a hurry and make stupid judgement calls. Apparently there is a green left turn light which he did not have, so why did he do what he did?? Now this poor ups guy must live knowing he killed 2 people....
  5. MR_Vengeance

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    you have no idea how many people pulling kamikazi style highspeed moves with us on the freeway and roadways. As a decent human being as i am, i won't feel abit of guilt if they kill themself somehow doing dumb stuff that they shouldn't being doing in the first place.
  6. tritese

    tritese tritese

    ups will fire this guy.......they don't care if it wasn't his fault, they just look at the liability because in this sue happy world "big brown means big green!" granted he will probably get his job back (if he tries), ups usually blames the driver.......we had a feeder driver that had a fuel tank from another tractor fall from an overpass and ups said he should have "expected the unexpected".......hmm.......i guess those managers expected him to pull along side the interstate and wait.......
  7. HazMatMan

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    I remember a feeder driver was making a right turn, someone on a bike waiting at the corner or trying to beat the truck I forget which one, well this person was crushed to death, the feeder driver did not get fired..
  8. local804

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    He will not get fired if it was not his fault. They both might come up with an agreement to re-assign the driver but will not fire him. UPS management isnt always the smartest people out there but they really are not that stupid either.
  9. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if I would wanna drive a UPS truck after this mess but there are tens of jobs this employee can do inside the bldg .
  10. tieguy

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    What I usually find when I hear one of these wild stories is there is more to the story then what the driver is telling you.

    Back to the thread. Tragic event here, my prayers to everyone involved.
  11. diesel96

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    Driving Feeders, I frequently travel to the WPB center and I can tell you first hand their are alot of trucks and Commercial vehicles in that area. The traffic lights on Blue Heron Blvd do have arrows at turning lanes and then turn solid green which basically leaves you to turn at your own risk...As a result of fatal accidents I wouldn't blame the city for installing a red light turning arrow and reducing the chance of drivers using bad judgement. As a result, traffic flow will suffer from keeping the public safe so leave to your destination a few minutes early. Driving stress beleive it or not effects your health very negatively. No one should have to go thru this so never let your guard down...Safety is an attitude not an afterthought.
  12. Johney

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    From what I hear the driver is off the road pending the investigation. He at this point does not seem to be at fault. From what I hear(not 100% sure) there was another driver behind him that seen it happen and a witness walking down the sidewalk saying there was nothing he could have done. No skid marks until after impact with the car. Speed limit in this area is 40mph. Someone mentioned about firing the driver.I could be wrong but wouldn't that be bad for UPS if they fire him and he isn't found at fault by the Highway Patrol investigation?
  13. TheCardinal

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    Ups will NOT fire him
    In my opinion he is not at fault and should not get punished. Saddly he will have live with it for the rest of his life. as far as UPS? MGMNT is not stupid they will not give any indications that the accident was indeed avoidable, that would be a reason for a lawsuite brought by victim's lawyers. I am deeply sadden and my heart goes to the family of the victims. Its another reminder how dangerous our line of work is
  14. Dump and Run

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    I do not see the driver getting fired, but I do see him being off the road a few days while they investigate. Just as a way for UPS to "CYOA". I also figure they will charge him with an avoidable accident even if he isn't found to be at fault. They always find a way to pin avoiability on the driver.

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  16. Johney

    Johney Well-Known Member

    That is exactly what I was thinking.
  17. HazMatMan

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    What accident is not avoidable?? It's usually someone's stupidity that causes an accident. Apparently this guy did not have the right of way to turn left, tried to make the turn and "beat" the UPS truck and did not make it. Should the UPS truck have slowed down coming to that intersection expecting someone to do something stupid??
  18. RockyRogue

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    That might be management's argument, HazMat. In no WAY am I condoning it. I do know a couple of intersections near my parent's home in Illinois AND here in Denver I would be a little more careful around. Not because they are dangerous per se but the design coupled with just a momentary distraction spells disaster. From what I've gleaned from the article, this accident had some of those factors. I'm out of my profession discussing car accidents. -Rocky
  19. This is not the only "risky" intersection in Palm Beach County, there are many more, but it is "close to home"( I am driving it every morning, coming and going and in even in the morning it can be bad); in many cases, the other driver simply tries to make a turn even when margins are more than slim and they think that with enough horsepower they can make it (and both directions have a green signal); nobody is considering what would happen if the car stalls or does not perform as expected; guess what, there will be noise, deformations and personal injuries to an extent which are unpredictable; and it will hurt. In a case like this, the memory of my colleague involved in this accident will still remain "alive" (I was blessed with losing my memory completely even before the accident when my boss drove me into a tree and I survived as a partial cripple). Let us all pray, that he has the mental strength to get through this ordeal with the help of all his colleagues and family.
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  20. Fnix

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    heres managements response