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    I was told that they might get to my name on the 6 for 1 list this year. Not that i really believe it, but does anyone know how far back they look at your driving record and how many tickets you can have in that time.

    Also I was wondering what the first 30 days are like- how many times does a supervisor go with you and can they fail you just because they don't like you.

    Thank you
  2. HazMatMan

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    I believe you need a clean driving record, no points... if you have that, there is no need for UPS to look back further....I could be wrong. I hope that wasn't too negative an answer for some sensitive people..
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    Can't tell you how many times they ride with you, I mean someone has got to train you right? so I would say most of the 30 days, once again I could be wrong.. Can they fail you just for not liking you?? UPS can do anything they want. (once again, hope that wasn't too negative an answer for some sensitive people)
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    I believe it's no more than 5 points as it appears on your state driving record. You can't have a major violation, like a DUI, in the last 3 either. How far the state goes back varies from state to state.

    How many times a supervisor goes out with you varies on how well you are doing. If they do it "By the book" he will ride with you for the first 3 days, increasing the amount of work each day. The first day you are supposed to only have about 30 deliveries and a few pickup stops. On my first day as a seasonal driver we had 120 stops. Then 150 the next. On the third day I was on my own, 160 stops. But I've been driving air for over 6 years, so I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing.
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  5. HazMatMan

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    Wow, if UPS let's you be a driver with 5 points on your record, then they definately are lowering the standards. I was under the assumption you needed a clean record...
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    When I started my PM air pickup combo job last Oct. they said they will take anyone with 4 or less points. They won't take anyone who has had a DUI/DWI or reckless driving anytime in the last 3 years regardless of points.