Belligerent customers?

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    You ever have experience with belligerent customers? I had a guy today that flipped out on me because I didn't put the packages on a pallet. I explained that there wasn't one around and he got even more :censored2: and told me to find one if there isn't one around. I just kind of roll my eyes and walk away and then says I was giving him "attitude". This is my 1st time delivering to this place as I'm a cover driver filling in for someone on vacation. I feel sorry for his employees.
  2. Indecisi0n

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    Deliver his packages at 4:59pm from now on.
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    I had a place like that, although they never flip out. When he asks if I put them on a pallet, I sweetly say, "did you leave one out there" He is finally conditioned, if he moves the dock plate and leaves a pallet, that is where his pkgs will be neatly stacked. If he leaves the dock plate there, and no pallet, the pkgs will be anywhere they fit, including on the dock plate. His job is receiving, mine is delivering. It is his job to have the area ready for a delivery. I am not taking the time, to go find a pallet to make his job easier.
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    Can't argue with that.
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    We have a winner!
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    And as an added plus, she said cock lol.
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    At one of my large stops I sort all the pkg's by department ..... But I do get a monster tip every year from them. :-)
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    reminds me of one of our drivers that has long since retired * when a commercial customer would complain about a delivery late in the day, he would look at his watch and reply "I can be later tomorrow" * and he meant it
  9. Brownslave688

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    It's amazing how many how many receiving employees want us to do their job for them. As far as I'm concerned its their job to be there and stack them on a pallet if that's what they want.
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    Last year while covering a route I attempted a delivery to a small chainsaw shop. The guy is notoriously never there.....usually out drinking or something. Instead of indirecting I left him a delivery notice. At the end of the day he caught me on the main street. He was ticked.....and intoxicated. Told me if I did not leave his packages at neighboring business in the future that he would track me down and cut my throat. Now....if it had been someone else that I did not know I would have felt threatened. I knew it was the booze talking but just the same.....if you are a responsible business owner then be there during hours posted and not down the block at the liquor store.
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    Not sure I would mess with a guy that fixes chain saws.
  12. dilligaf

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    Home Depot tries to pull that crap. NOT happening. Want it on a pallet, better have one close or it's going on the floor. Not my job to go look for pallets.
  13. dilligaf

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    Oooh hell NO! Booze talking is worse than booze not talking. That would have been reported IMMEDIATELY! Too sup's and to cops. We had a guy pull a gun on a driver over his VA meds. He was black listed along with being reported. Anything he gets he has to go pick up.
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    I would go to a sup and ask if they are going tot give you a time allowance to get a pallet if there is not one present..We are not stock boys, we deliver your crap, you put it up !!
  15. oldngray

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    I had customers who would jerk me around making a point of slowly counting every package if I didn't put their stuff on a pallet, so I would just walk over and grab an empty pallet myself. It only takes a few seconds and saves time in the long run. Plus I took care of my customers and most would cover my back if I made a mistake. Of course I do admit the biggest dicks never returned any favors for me, just complain if they don't get everything their own way ( small penis = big chip on shoulder syndrome). For them I would go by the book and not do a thing extra for them.
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    Customers have to be trained. I was always a fan of the late afternoon delivery as an incentive to get them to do things my way. When they complained about it, I would say something like "Sorry sir, I'm too busy in the morning to go looking for pallets. I'll be happy to do that for you at 4:30 when I have more time, though".
  17. cachsux

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    I was covering for a driver and had the receiving clerk at a new superstore tell me she wanted her packages sorted by where they belong. She came back to one big stack and asked why they were like that. I said I looked at the labels and every one belonged to Target.
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    oh, a wise guy eh
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Especially one who drinks while fixing chain saws.

    That being said, if anyone were to ever threaten me like that, drunk or not, would have each and every future delivery put on will call.
  20. toonertoo

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    Yeah, just caught that. At least we have a guy that can spell:wink2: