Belt or Box Car?

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    Hi guys,

    Back in the old job search days, the only opening I could find was at relatively small package center that is about twenty minutes from my home. At the time, I had applied at the local hub a year earlier and never got a call back. I was on the the website once every other week for the next year until I got on at the center. I've been at this center, preloading, for just over a year now. At this point I am thinking about transfering to the hub.

    The main reason I want to transfer is the commute; the hub is only about five minutes away. I am in good standing with the management at my center, so I don't think that would be an issue. In fact, I was discussing it today with my shift supervisor. He told me that I should know that the systems are different (referring to the hub having a box car line).

    I don't know anyone who has worked a box car line before, is it similar to working a belt? I can't imagine it being much worse than a halfway split belt, with no optimum carries, and half of everything that the person in front of you is supposed to be loading.


    I have no long term/full time plans involving the company, so seniority loss will not be an issue. Also, am a full time student and my school is less than half a mile from the hub; I'm not too worried about the transfer not going through at this point.

    Thanks for your input guys.
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    It's just called a boxline. I have preloaded off of both and I always preferred the boxline. I always used the boxline to my advantage and sorted it per truck one time around and then the next time around would pull everything out per truck so I wasn't making multiple trips.