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    Hey what's up everybody. I have a question about belt speed. I thought that I used to know this, but I am having trouble remembering. During the preload sort, standard belt to car. What is the speed of the belt. For some reason 22 feet per minute sticks in my head, but not 100% sure. Any preload sups. out there that might be able to help me out with this.
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    First - Welcome to the Brown Cafe
    It varies from one location to the other. The basic rule of thumb is that the belt should be running as slow as possible and still allow the expected flow of packages to fit on the belt.
    The slower the belt speed, the more time it allows the preloader to spend in the car without the packages traveling down belt out of the preloader's area.
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    In this new corporate wall street production push I think it's full throttle.
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    Really,....hmmm..... I thought their was feet per minute because of safety. Too fast encourages un-safe work habits. It breaks down the system. People on the belt can't properly do their jobs. Splitting, spa, loading. It also breaks down production. Blow bys, poor load quality, pkgs not being tapped up, mis-loads, end of sort wrap up, egress issues... Attitudes..... I could keep going. I also understand the set back of calibrated to slow as well. Is there anybody out there like a part time sup. that calibrates your belt each preload shift from the reload. Anybody from Orlando Florida, Kissimmee center. I understand that they calibrate their belt every morning, by marking the belt and a stop watch. ***** I also thought there was the same for a boxline as well.. so chargers and loader could do their jobs in a safe manner as well. Safety, Service, Production. In that order...isn't that the order
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    The faster the belt the less productive ... I'll let you take it from there.
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    Would you call Watertown and try and tell them that?
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    Whenver we (drivers) are on the belt wrapping up the air or a late load we always ask that the belt be taken off supervisor speed.

    Hoax is right--the faster the belt the less productive the preload will be. The pile at the end of the belt is always in proportion to the speed of the belt; however, slowing the belt to a crawl is not the answer either. I'm sure there has been a study or two on appropriate belt speed.
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    I have met those people who time the belt. They leave. Our center manager turns the belt up.
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    Oh well... I guess there might be an answer later on. If somebody hears about it or finds out please let us all know. I will make a couple of phone calls to some old center managers I know and try to find out. Thanks again for the info and any future info.
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    Ummmm in my building its Numbers, Service, Safety. Service and safety are interchangeable but numbers are always first.
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    For some reason, 32 feet per minute sticks in my head.
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    Im in the same building as you, yet I know your problem. The problem is your working a belt set as a stack out speed. Sure try to stack out, but the probelm remains.

    Question is brah, how long have you worked for ups so far?
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    Long ago you had mentioned preloading cage to car?
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    Crank it up as high and as fast as it will go, push the preload to go faster, give them a warning letter if they misloard, blame them if they get hurt trying to keep up.

    If they miss a package make sure to remind them again they have failed.

    Tell them if they dont perform better they will be fired.

    UPS now has one mgmt. tatic, and that is to us fear from the top down, at all levels.

    Does mgmt. from fear work, no it has been proven to fail.
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    Master Yoda missed I've

    It was in a galaxy far, far away.
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    Your reading too much into it.
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    I have no retort.
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    The more the trucks are overdispatched, the less productive drivers become. It doesn't matter then, why would it matter on the preload?
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    What do you mean? Orly said that he would "work his cages for free" by coming in early and working off the clock to empty his pull. Now he says he loads belt to car instead of cage to car.

    I am curious if his building has both preload belt system and cages? I've never heard of such a thing but I guess it is possible.
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    I have been in many hubs where both are present.
    The Atlanta Hub has 3 boxlines and one belt.