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  1. AMJ1981

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    Does anyone at Express know how long benefits last after you quit? Does it end right away? Not quitting yet but am really curious
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    I believe that it is the Friday after your last pay check, not 100% sure on that though.

    Express does weekly deductions for its hourly employees, so the benefit is tied to a weekly schedule. Before I quit, I already had my privately purchased health insurance in full force, so I didn't really worry about when the Express coverage ended.

    Give your HR rep a call. Management can't do a damn thing to you if you are getting ready to hit the door, so you'd best be served to get the answers yourself. If you are going to elect COBRA coverage, you can get that set up with HR to start up to coincide with your last day. It is always best to start doing this while still employed - that way there are no potential gaps in coverage if you do indeed need to use COBRA for a time.

    I've had an inquiry from a former coworker about tuition reimbursement (he's getting ready to quit and wants to make sure he gets his cash). As long as the course of study was completed IN FULL before the last day of employment, Express will pay up. Grades DON'T need to be in before the last day of employment, just the last day of instruction. There is some grey area as to whether exams count as instruction - I recommended that he give notice to quit no earlier than the day AFTER the last day of exams to prevent any attempt by Express to mess up his reimbursement.

    I also recommended that he postpone his departure till he time the check would normally come thorough - just to prevent any 'screwups'.
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    Just curious. What do you pay for privately-purchased insurance as opposed to your old FedEx coverage? Also, please PM me when you get a chance. I need to ask you if you've heard about something in the wind.
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    No need to even concern yourself with it, AMJ... Your FedEx bennies ended years ago.
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    I only used privately purchased insurance between the time I ended Express employment and my former employer's group plan kicked in (I'm since with my 2nd employer after Express) after 90 days (Express actually beat them here, Express offers full benefits to full-timers at start). It was only a 'catastrophic plan', it didn't kick in until AFTER $5,000 in charges were accumulated in a 12 month period of time (I did get the benefit of paying the rates negotiated by the plan and providers, starting at the first dollar of charges). It covered my entire family and was intended solely to prevent being potentially wiped out should something major happen. It cost me $450/mo to cover my entire family. It was almost half the cost of Express COBRA, so I elected to go that route. As it turned out, nothing happened during that period of time so I have no way to 'test' to see if the plan would've worked as intended by me and my wife.

    I now have a group plan through my employer which costs me absolutely nothing. My wife's plan is actually cheaper to cover our children, so she has the entire family on her plan while I have just myself on my employer's plan. If for some reason she decided to terminate her employment with her employer, I could easily get my entire family onto my plan without waiting for annual enrollment (change in spouse's coverage counts as a 'major' event).