Best delivery story I've heard

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mikeb, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Had a driver once who told me that he had a COD delivery. after knocking and almost ready to leave, he heard a voice yell "come on in". he reluctantly went inside to find a couple having sex in the room. he said the girls legs were up in the air and the guy pointed to a table and said "the check is over there" without missing a beat. he walks over, gets the check, says thanks, and gets the heck out of there. he has told this story many times and swears its true. why cant stuff like that happen to me?
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    It can, the next time you know that you are getting something delivered just have your "boyfriend" have your leg's up in the air like he did. That doesn't sound to hard to do:w00t::ohmy:
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    HA, HA

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    I had something similar to that. I had a del to an apartment complex. When I knocked on the door the guy yelled just leave it on the living room floor, on the big screen a prono movie was playing. Even though I didn't see the couple I could hear body's "slapping" together. I was tempted to take a look but chickened out. I did watch about 5 minutes of "High Def" porno,,,,,was awesome!