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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Management Blows, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. whos recommended to pm about an issue? Someone knowledgeable in union matters. I have an issue I don’t feel comfortable posting anonymously for various reasons. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. TIA
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    Your shop steward
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    I second the motion.
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    If your matter is that serious you need to contact your business agent. That person should be able to help you give the proper advice you’re looking for.
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  12. Thanks everyone
  13. That’s not an option. I’ll save the story. But you’d not believe me if I told u. Couldn’t blame u either lol
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    If you’re looking to send D pics and in return get back prolapsed butthole pics, @Indecisi0n is your best option.
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    Hmmm... you now need advice from someone "knowledgeable in union matters" yet are a conscienceless freeloader?
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    @Management Blows, do you care to respond???

    ....until you do, don't PM me.
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  17. Just logged on and saw this post. I see your argument, I would feel exactly the same way if I were you. But I am certain you’d be an objector too if the tables were turned. It’s not something I wanted to do. I would be paying for someone to participate in discharging me, among other things. I don’t expect you to believe me. No hard feelings. Like I said, I’d feel same way. I’d pay double for what the union supposed to be and am beyond saddened at the reality of it vs what I anticipated
  18. But you all are right. I’ll handle this issue myself. I’m being honest that the most hardcore union members wouldn’t be able to sleep at night paying someone to literally participate in discharging you. It’s not like I simply got angry and withdrew. This went on over a decade. Each time I called local, they cared less and apparently held grudge I complained about their “representation”. That’s the only explanation to conspire with company. That’s nothing new, just on that level shocked me. I will always support people that supports unions, because I believe in what they supposed to represent. I’ll pay dues gladly for some effort. My father and step dad were both union members. Growing up I learned about them early on. I was PROUD to be a teamster. I’m not proud to not be in it. But it’s idiotic to pay who is essentially your enemy, which my local ended up being
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    You should change your name to SUPAH STAR. Legend in your own mind. Management sucks and union sucks, but I am great.....
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    E-File Terms and Conditions