Best way to report manager wasting money?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wornoutupser, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. wornoutupser

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    I have to leave out a lot of details here but my center has a manager that seems to want to waste money, especially if someone can be burned in the process.

    How does one report such behavior even though it has been noticed by others up the chain and the process continues? Is this a new trend going into the contract year?
  2. over9five

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    I realize why you left out the details, but it leaves us with no way to advise you.

    If it's really that bad, you could always make an anonymous call to the Ethics Hotline.
    I would make it anonymous, perhaps from a payphone NOT on your route, or even from a town your building delivers to.

    I'm not paranoid, tho.....
  3. Channahon

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    Every operation and dept has a cost plan at UPS and is held accountable to the plan.

    If for some reason, monies are not spent, the following year's plan is based on this years results.

    So, it is in the best interest of the operation or department to spend their budget wisely, as not to have their budget reduced for next year.

    Managers, Division Managers, Controllers and District Managers have monthly cost reviews, where the cost statement is reviewed and any over budget items must be explained.

    Not sure how your Manager is wasting money, and upper management should be aware of the cost results monthly for your center.
  4. MR_Vengeance

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    if he's wasting the money on water,power bars for the drivers, then don't report him.:)
  5. Pip

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    Just my 2 cents, Unless you got some undeniable, deer-in-the-headlights evidences. It might be best to wait a while(say end of year) before you drop that dime. Reason being, there is an awful lot of checks and balances all the way up the chain, that it would be awfully hard to get away with something and never get caught.

    I'd be really sure and have my ducks in a row before dropping the dime. Maybe run a diary or sorts on what you think is going on, with dates and times.

    Just generalizing with the info that your able to share, and I do understand why you wouldn't want to go into great detail.
  6. UPS Lifer

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    This is interesting that you think that this is a waste! :w00t:
    I think it is money well spent!
  7. rod

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    Seriously- aren't all center managers a waste of money? Not in the sense that they are slackers but after all the UPS of today don't allow them to manage their own centers so what good are they. Sorry center manager's but really when was the last time you could actually make a decision on your own about running your centers.
  8. UPS Lifer

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    If a center manager tells you he doesn't run his/her center than that person is not taking responsibility and is probably a weak center manager.

    I never felt that I was not in control of my operation. Any manager that is confident of their ability will NEVER tell you that he/she does not manage their center. I always felt that I made a difference.

    If someone tells you they are being micro-managed it is because they need to be micro-managed.
  9. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Wow! There sure must be alot of weak center manager's that need micromanaged then. I agree with you that they would never tell you the aren't in charge but while they are telling you they are on the phone getting their daily reaming from the District manager.
  10. UPS Lifer

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    :w00t:I have never been a fan of conference calls but in my experience, it seems that the operations that are being called on are generally the same operations.

    Let's turn the tables. You ask your manager a question and he doesn't have an answer or he gives you a song and a dance - How would you feel about that? Most managers are prepared on those calls. They know the questions that are coming and they know what they have to do to take care of the concern..... If the Div. or Dist. mgr are blasting them there is probably a good reason for it.

    My personal feeling is this type of behavior ("reaming") should never take place on a conference call. It is undignified, unprofessional and disrespectful but it may be deserved depending on the behavior of the person on the other end.

    If you have not been a center manager, you need to walk a mile in their shoes before you make such an arbitrary statement that center managers are a waste of money. Seriously:w00t:
  11. 705red

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    I hate to say it but rods right. The ie department tells the center manager how many routes to run, the labor manager tells them what discipline to take on employees, the bd department tells them they need to grow the business, the car wash managers moves trucks around with out telling the center manager, what i am saying is the good old days of the center manager managing his center are long gone. And if your a people person manager your days our numbered and ups if they cant get rid of you will make your like hell. This goes out to one of the best managers i have ever worked for, he was transferred to peru to ride out his retirement because he cared about us the ups employee, congratulations to you Tom Sinatra on your retirement today. You will be missed by all of us, you truley were an asset to this company, good luck in all of your ventures. From all of us in north illinois, we will be at the spot friday night if you need a drink!
  12. MR_Vengeance

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    i know a center manager who brings us home picked oranges.:lol:
  13. UPS Lifer

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    I used to take money out of my own pocket and get food or have parties for my people ALL the time. I spent a couple of grand a year just to show my appreciation. They kept the heat off of me so it was worth every penny and I had the money...not everyone can do that.

    In this day and age when the districts are so tight with expense accounts it is refreshing to see a center manager spending some of UPS money on his/her people!!! It does take a little ingenuity to figure out how to get the approval!!
    As long as your not stealing, lying or cheating!

    Kudos :thumbup1: