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    We have had a VERY disturbing incident happen here in our shop late yesterday. During our regular afternoon pickup our regular driver has a supervisor shadowing him (something about the new board computer
    system they have put out this week) and he took it upon himself to approach one
    of our very good customers telling him he didn't need us and then badgering
    him into getting his own UPS account. This occurred inside our store less than
    20 feet from where I was working with another customer. I have witnesses
    (they are currently writing up statements for us) including the customer he was
    going after. Reed was told several times by my customer he wasn't interested
    and he was even told specifically to stop because my customer told him "better
    watch it or She will rip you up" and he still wanted to continue his
    harassment. I was with customers and trying to behave professionally, unlike the UPS Operations Supervisor. When I had a moment I walked over to him and told him that his
    behavior was unacceptable and he tried to play dumb. This even infuriated me
    because it was more than obvious that he knew exactly what he was doing. I
    am still currently awaiting a call from his supervisor from my call to UPS last
    night after he left.

    I know that a large number of stores like mine have had problems in the past with the
    various carriers and situations similar to this. Has anyone ever gotten
    filing a formal complaint or anything along these lines? Perhaps someone
    would have another suggestion or idea for us in handling this situation. We
    gathering all of our statements and documentation and are planning to file a
    formal complaint with UPS.

    All your thoughts, ideas and information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Is this new, UPS drivers making "regular" aftenoon pickups on a Saturday?
    Unless Betrayed was refering to Friday, but then it wouldn't have been yesterday that this occured since he posted on Sunday.
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    Get his name, call 1-800-pickups and ask for the Corporate Office number to file a National Complaint. I hope you hang that jerk.

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    As a retired UPSer I am very sorry to hear of an incident such that you described. Not to make any less of your note but there is always more than one side to any story though in this case you seem to have a well documented accounting, considering there were others present, including the customer himself.

    I would hope that you allow two days or so for a response to your phone call. Hopefully, you spoke to the Center Manager (always get a name), not just another supervisor who happened to answer the phone. If you are not sure, perhaps another call is in order. If no response is forthcoming, you need to move up the ladder. The Division Manager, then the District Manager are the next in line. I would be surprised if you did not get an acceptable response there but if no help is to be had I would call the National Office in Atlanta. Mike Eskew is the CEO. I'm sure, just as in most any other large company, you will not reach him personally but I assure you that whoever you speak to there will take the complaint seriously and respond.

    I'm not sure exactly what you need from this, though an apology and a promise to not EVER have this happen again in your store certainly seems in order.
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    I think anti has the best solution for your problem.
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    I agree anti has the answer. You get better action through the 800 # than locally.
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    Sorry about what happened. As a business owner you have the right to bar anyone from your property, including a UPS supervisor. Im aware of a similar situation that occurred a few years ago, UPS was informed that a certain sup was forbidden from entering the place of business.
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    We had this happen in our department too several years ago and in another department too. Once management was made aware of the situation the employees were barred from those locations and UPS management made a personal visit to apologize. Both employees did not last much longer at UPS, one quit and the other was fired. As a customer, a corporate complaint will ring all the bells from the top down and include all the levels of UPS management from your local center back up to the top. These are taken very seriously and it will be fully investigated and reviewed by multiple members of management to insure a proper resolution is obtained. I apologize for your problem but UPS will act once it receives your information
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    Make a corporate complaint!

    Many in UPS have forgot the last word in our name. It's a shame.

    If your pickup was made on a saturday, it must have been some saturday air driver.

    Go national, bypass all the local and regional people.

    There is no need for that, especially when we get hounded for business that is lost.

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    rushfan: I don't know what you read in this post that had anything to do with production. The customer said that the UPS Sup was working with the driver on the new DIAD board.

    I somewhat agree with antimatter - the 1-800 number will get the quickest response. I don't think you need to ask for the Corporate office. You can just file a complaint with the 1-800 number. The appropriate people will see it and take action.

    I'm also very sorry that a UPS employee acted like this at one of our customer locations. That behavior is unacceptable and UPS does not tolerate it.
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    THE SUPERVISOR WAS ACTING LIKE THAT? oh man, he would last 5 seconds in my building.