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    has anyone upgraded the 10 candlepower oe headlamps in one of the old 800s to a newer brighter lamp? if you have and you happen to know the (ups automotive) part # for that brighter lamp please pm me. thanx
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    Every October I think the headlights aren't working. When November hits my eyes have adjusted and I'm ready. Lets make soooooooooooooome monnnnnnnnnney.
  3. rod

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    I was hoping this was going to be about boobies. Years ago after bitching about dim lights on my 800 and basicly getting told I didn't know what I was talking about I upgraded them myself with the best set I could find back then. I petty cashed them and installed them myself on route. It was so much simpler when we could petty cash stuff. I petty cashed a great flashlight also. I got called into the office for the flashlight but nothing was ever said about the headlights.
  4. brown bomber

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    I used to petty cash anything from phone calls (pay phones), brakefluid, windshield wash fluid, and on one occasion a meal when I was forced to wait 2 hrs., to help a driver who gave me 2 long as you had a receipt, it was paid for
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    You may as well be talking the 1930's...those days are OVER.
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    I petty cashed a $20 map book one time. Boss said no way, you need to pay it back. I said "sorry, the money is already turned in, if you want it back use the grievance procedure." Never heard another word about it. It also came in handy for flashlight batteries during peak.
  7. jaker

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    Are you serious , I can't get them to put grip tape or those bungee things that hold the battery cover down

    And you want them to swap lights
  8. jaker

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    Holy crap why do you guys bring up the good old days , it's hard enough to deal with this place now and you go bring up the some of the good old stuff that this place once did
  9. Brownslave688

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    Petty cash wow how long ago are we talking here? My best friends dad is a driver every time I'm back home we always story swap. He's been driving since mid 80's would he know of this petty cash u speak of?
  10. rod

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    I would say he would know about petty cash. Back then you could take cash out of your COD money and as long as you supposedly had a good reason and a receipt for what you bought it was ok to buy what you needed. As time went on they kept lowering the amount you could spend using petty cash (at least at my center they did). The last I remember it was limited to like 5 bucks which pretty much put an end to it. When UPS quit taking cash as a method of payment that killed it for good. I'm sure as with everything else at UPS the petty cash rules varied center to center.
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    I used to work with him 193Os I almost right. Sorry my friend. B T W my mentor was from his era and I learned more than a thing or two from their generation.
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    I have my Supes credit card number.
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    Dude! Lets go shopping!!!! Momma needs some shoes!!!
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    ​I think Sober posted some in hows the view.
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    hehehehehe Boobies. Just saying the word is fun.
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    Teresa from Jersey says "Bubbies".............

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