Bid air driver ?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Tarek Zehdi, May 25, 2016.

  1. Thunder fire 8911

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    i got a phone call from HR about air package driver I had put my name on a sheet a month ago or so .what is that position ? And is it any good ? I have been with ups for almost 3 years now
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    This gets posted 20 times a week . I'm sure if you typed air driver in search you would find 10 years of this questioned asked
  3. Arch

    Arch Member

    Basically its PT. There is AM and PM Air driving. AM does early delivery of NDA boxes while PM usually drives the NDA to the airport. Sometimes you'll close out drop boxes too. Some people work Tues-Sat as there is Saturday delivery.

    Pretty easy. You drive a PC. So it's good practice handing the car and using the diad if you ever want to go FT driving.
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  4. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    Two years progression to top pay which currently is a little less then $27/hr. Keep your top rate if you decide to go FT. One of the easiest jobs at UPS.
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  5. Cementups

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    Our AM air drivers deliver specific tight areas like some bigger office complexes or they help out bid route drivers with air or help.
    Our PM air drivers go retrieve air from drop boxes or bigger shippers who request later air pickups and then take to airport.
    Both jobs are generally pretty easy.
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  6. Dr.Brownz

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    When I clicked this I thought it said "Bel Air Driver".

    This thread did not deliver
  7. DOK

    DOK Active Member

    They did away with these jobs in some buildings, have the fulltime drivers covering everything.
  8. G.Brown

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    It's a great position maybe the easiest job at UPs. I am a PM driver in December I'll be making my top rate :-). Also been with UPS 3 years almost 2yrs has a PM driver. Don't Tnk I'll ever go full time and when ever I deliver a ground I get a pay rate of $34.42 for the whole day :-). But be careful they will send u to deliver a ground and dry to cover it up and not pay you. But it's a great position and very very hard to get.
  9. HR wanted to know if you wanted the job?

    Why would you sign for the position if you have no idea what it consists of doing and what times you'll be working??
  10. Brisket

    Brisket Active Member

    And 3 months later, still wondering if they took the job ( kind of a no brainer IF you don't mind early mornings and the very real possibility of running a full route from time to time).
  11. Box Ox

    Box Ox Well-Known Member

    PM air is by far the easiest gig you can get. At least where I am. AM can be a little high pressure if you're typically tight on time between Early AM and Next Day Air commits.

    Taking either to get out of your inside sort is the best part.
  12. Wally

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    Please proof and post again.

  13. luckster

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    i was a seasonal driver this past December and I was told I can be hired permanent PT Air bud driver. My UPS status shows active but HR did not call me yet for my start date. I asked HR when I went for interview and road test If this was definite and was told YES but still no phone call almost a week now. Should I worry ?
  14. barnyard

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  15. Over 70

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  16. luckster

    luckster Member

    even if my status says ACTIVE doesn't mean anything? Can they still retract the offer ?
  17. DriveInDriveOut

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  18. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    UPS can retract the offer or give the job to someone else with seniority. Or not fill the job. I imagine someone else wanted the job who is tired of loading or unloading for $10/hr.
  19. luckster

    luckster Member

    Shouldn't they call and tell me that then? My status still says active ? When will they let me know if that's the case?
  20. luckster

    luckster Member

    What is the difference between air bid driver and air exception driver ?