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    The union steward will not listen to him neither will the BA, every driver that is aware says he is senior not the other 2 guys got the union to change it managment is scrambling to change it back before it hits the fan which it will shortly my friend is pushing it hard
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    So far, you've been shown avenues to offer your friend for resolution, you've been pointed to your supplement/rider, asked what local supplement/rider you're under, and all you do is respond in what is almost an argumentative tone. Either give the information to assist you further or take the help you've been offered, but at this point I'm saying :censored2: your friend, I'm tired of reading your whiny responses to EVERY POST.
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    Not trying to come off as whiny or argumentative stating the facts to this whole problem I thought I had posted the supplement but after going back I see I hadn't, it is under the Atlantic. This whole thing has gotten under my skin the way the union has talked to him and treated him
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    I'm in the Atlantic, never heard of anything like this. FT seniority starts from the day you qualify, has nothing to do with what your PT seniority is compared to others on the bid list. If I was your buddy I'd be pissed about it too.
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    my union president told me this higher senior guy “filed a grievance with one of the stewards Inside” I said well I plan to go higher than you if this isn’t corrected , I told him unless you plan to make every drivers seniority date 30 working days sooner , his doesn’t change either.
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    Exactly it has confused everyone in the building
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    Same thing here but they actually got the date changed and tried keeping it secret it was not far from 60 days
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    Any body else have any recommendations no one seems to know BA not much help
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    Why isn’t the BA helping your friend? Was anyone else on the bid list that your friend signed?
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    There is a lot of favoritism in my center also I cracked a mirror with a branch ( with many other people breaking mirrors in our center) and got a reported accident because center managers friend was one of the next ones up