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    I'm a full time cover driver and there is an issue that's really coming to a head in our center and I wanted to get some input. There's kind of a long buildup but here goes. 2 years ago a driver got in trouble on his route at a business that has a daily delivery and possibly a daily pickup. I'm pretty sure the driver got fired, but as part of the agreement of getting his job back they made him promise to choose a different route so he wouldn't have to go back to the business. January came and he picked another route, and because he had high seniority, there was a domino effect with the remaining drivers. Very few people were not moved. Management started training some drivers on their new routes, but before they were finished, a panel resolved the issue of the driver and said that he could indeed retain his route. So the building had to bid again. There was another shakeup in the routes, and management drug their feet in training drivers. By this time it was almost June I believe. We made it all the way through peak, with some drivers never getting on their bid route. Management also took on some RTD's and parked them on routes without bidding them all peak so they wouldn't have to train them. They did the same thing with 3 full time drivers we acquired late in the summer. Fast forward to now, and we still have drivers not on their bid routes from this last January's bidding. Management is pulling bid drivers off their routes on a daily basis to cover runs, and it's not even worth wasting ink as a coverage driver on the weekly vacation bids. I personally have filed probably 8 grievances in the last 9 months on this very issue, and not a single one has been heard yet. I have never seen such a blatant disregard of the contract. On any given week there could(should) be no less than 10 grievances filed but no one wants to file because they are scared of the retaliation from management. It's really hard to convince anyone because honestly, what punishment is there for management when they do this? I know with the annual bid, if it's not done in a timely manner they have to rebid; but what punishment is that if they're not training in the first place?
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    Are you on a yearly bid or 2 year? We are on a 2 year, all drivers must be in place by June 15 or we revert back to 1 year. Managers are so scared to be the cause of reverting back to the 1 year bid. Have you followed up with the BA?
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    As Stink said you need to call your BA and talk to them. Also are you the only filing grievances about this issue ????
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    We bid for the duration of career. Some guys have been on their routes for 20-25 years.
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    We bid every year. There have been some other drivers to file but they are very few and far between. One driver retracted his in exchange for a day off. So far I have been dealing with stewards but their response has been there is really nothing they can do unless a bunch of other people file. Honestly what repercussions are there for the company?
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    Your stewards are full of S--t they just don't want to rock the boat (they shouldn't be stewards) call your business agent...
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    we know bid every 2 years. Some guy still have been on the same route for 20 + years....