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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tieguy, Sep 11, 2008.

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    Okay Okay , I'm sorry . I know that talking about Biden is like watching paint dry. But I know Diesel is a fair and balanced kind of poster so I thought I would help him by creating this thread. Diesel feel free to post some material here attacking either Joe Bidens religious beliefs , his pastor or anyone in his congregation. If you could post some clips of his favorite preacher saying "god is with us" then that would be pretty earth shaking.
  2. diesel96

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    Joe's catholic.......he refers to his priest as father. Not every politician has a Rev wright or a Rev Hagee mentor..... :raspberry-tounge:

    I'm sure his priest will say "God loves you"...even Republicans like TieGuy"
  3. toonertoo

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    But he did say Hillary would have been a better choice than he, and for once I agree.:happy2:
    We do not need to beat them up, they do it to their ownselfs. :surprised:
    Is there a way to change his choice? Hillary was the only way he could have won, can he pick her now?
    I hope Biden backs out and she refuses. What a drama :knockedout:
  4. scratch

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    I agree that Hillary would have been a better choice, but the problem with that, Obama would have to share the stage with Hillary and Bill. Threes a crowd.
  5. diesel96

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    As if Palin doesn't outshine McCain.....Many are so pumped up about the chioce of Gov Palin, it might bite McCain in the :censored2:. I look at it this way...Obama needed a VP that is solid as a rock. McCain needed a VP that could invigorate his campaign like an electric shock to get the heart pumping again....CLEAR.....~~~~~~~~~~----------flatline--------RIP
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    I don't know . Looks like it worked . Most polls are a statistical dead heat. Some have McCain ahead. I don't see the flatline.
  7. UPS Lifer

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    Biden rhymes with Poseidon!

    One was a ship turned upside down the other is on a ship turned upside down!
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    If you want the country slidin'
    Vote for Obama & Biden ! :happy-very:
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    Biden, Biden has stated that the reason the President doesn't connect with the American people and seems aloof is that he is so extremely brilliant.

    So what, Americans are dumb & stupid & ignorant & dense & imbecilic & mindless & moronic & witless. Well, excuse our ignorance and pass my gun and bible!! :sick:
  10. UPS Lifer

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    Don't you know...the order of the intelligence food chain goes something like this:
    At the top...
    1 Uber Liberals - Socialists - George Soros - Nancy Pelosi - Obama <--(the covert one)
    2 Progressives including Muslim Extremists and Terrorists
    3 Liberals (anything below Liberal is suspect) - B. Clinton - the lap dog --> Harry Reed
    4 Moderates are at the bottom of the intelligence chain and may be considered the missing link (don't forget this is the "ubers" definition of moderate which is still on the left side of middle)
    5 Anything below moderate should be tested for genetic desease and locked up without sunlight! (I am being kind!) I really believe the "ubers" think that this category is akin to a rabid animal and should be put down!

    My guess is that good ole Joe thinks he fits the number 2 category along with Hillary.
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    Good God I can only hope our President is more intelligent than the average citizen. Anyway, some of the smartest people I know lack social skills
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    Regardless of who is President, if they were so much smarter than the average person, why the need for all the handlers, PR people and speech writers? Why the need for so many different policy advisors? Why the need for strategists, etc.?

    Again, regardless of who and what party......Think about it!

    If you are speaking what you think is true, speaking from your heart, why the need for so many to keep up with what you say or have said and then PR people to make the rounds to clarify those points again and again? As I said, Think about it!

    A president is elected for himself and what he has said and promised yet he brings a whole host of folks on board and always is the case, the very things he promised during the campaign, he begins to break once in office. When his so-called advisors and strategists start implimenting policy in clear violation of his promise as the candidate, then he and mostly his PR spokesman come out and shift and twist words to make it appear no promise was broken and to then imply you just have no listening skills and lack ability to think and understand because if you did, you would have understood the campiagn promise in it's new light as currently being explained. Why do we the average folk see it for the truth twisting it is but the elites just twist the facts and tell us we're stupid? Think about it!
  13. wkmac

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    And good ole Joe would be absolutely correct too!

  14. Lue C Fur

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    Awesome pic!!!:)
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    I just heard Joe Biden say that people's unemployment $$$ is running out and they have no money for a Christmas tree. That's not what unemployment $$ is for !! Idiot!

    Every year at Christmas time our renters would skip rent and buy presents having a roof over their head was not as important as a cabbage patch doll. I never could understand that rationale. :dissapointed:

  16. moreluck

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  17. klein

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    I'm still staying with my beliefs, and tax the rich more, and lower corporate taxes, and get healthcare off payroll !

    US based companies are just too expensive to operate !

    You seen DHL moving out.
    They do well everywhere else, still operating in your neighboring countries (mexico and canada).
    If that isn't enough proof for you, what is ?

    The US inner market is just unprofitable !
  18. UPS Lifer

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    I am just curious.... Do you smoke crack, when you write these posts of yours? I am just saying.... If it isn't crack what the heck is it??? Something new out there or is it just a beer high you are on???

    I am sorry if I offended you but your posts remind me of watching a foreign movie that you have to read subtitles. If you miss a line it throws you off and it can be a real pain in the :censored2: trying to get back on track!! Or maybe your posts are like Charades... I have to guess what you are trying to say.... Well all I can say is that I need a lot more hints!!!:crazy2:
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  20. Baba gounj

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    (Fox News) — Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged it wasn’t a political event, but it still didn’t prevent him from sending this warning to Teamsters union members during his address at their annual convention in Las Vegas this past Friday.
    “And don’t any of you, by the way, any of you guys vote Republican,” Biden said. “I’m not supposed to say, this isn’t political. . . . don’t come to me if you do! You’re on your own, Jack!”
    “Jimmy,” said Biden, referring to Teamsters Union president James R. Hoffa, “your (the Teamsters Union) logo is the horse’s head. Their (GOP) logo should be the other horse’s end.”