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    UPS to Ride with Big Brown
    Tuesday April 29, 4:25 pm ET UPS to Sponsor Jockey Kent Desormeaux Aboard Kentucky Derby Favorite
    LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--“Big Brown” is jumping on Big Brown.
    UPS today announced a sponsorship that will send the UPS colors off with jockey Kent Desormeaux aboard favorite Big Brown in the 2008 running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.
    Big Brown, owned by IEAH Stables and Paul Pompa Jr., enters the 134th edition of the Derby undefeated after a five-length win in the Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park. The sponsorship is a logical one for UPS since Pompa named the colt after the company. As the owner of the Truck-Rite Corp. in Brooklyn, N.Y., Pompa was so happy after renewing a contract with UPS Freight in 2007 that he celebrated by naming his newly purchased thoroughbred Big Brown.
    “Having UPS riding with us on Saturday is a tremendous honor and we look forward to cheering on our horse in one of the greatest sporting events in the world,” said Richard Schiavo, co-president and CEO of International Equine Acquisitions Holdings, Inc., which owns IEAH Stables.
    With support from UPS, Desormeaux hopes to win the Kentucky Derby in what will be just the fourth career start for Big Brown, a feat that hasn’t been matched since the filly Regret won the 1915 Kentucky Derby in her fourth career start. A two-time Kentucky Derby winner himself, Desormeaux is no stranger to the pressure of racing a Derby favorite. The man who will wear UPS-branded pants during the Kentucky Derby this Saturday raced 2000 Derby favorite Fusaichi Pegasus to the win, breaking a 21-year drought for Derby favorites.
    “This horse is a major talent and possibly the best horse I’ve ever ridden,” Desormeaux said of Big Brown. “Riding with UPS is a perfect fit and we’re definitely looking to let everyone ‘See What Big Brown Can Do For You’ on the racetrack.”
    Big Brown won his first race by more than 12 lengths on Sept. 3, 2007, at New York’s Saratoga Race Course, then followed that with another impressive 12-length allowance victory at Gulfstream Park on March 5. He won the Florida Derby on March 29.
    UPS became the Official Delivery Company of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) in 2006. The company created the “Off to the Races Delivered by UPS” program in 2007 to link its NASCAR sponsorships with its association with Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.
    UPS continued the “Off to the Races” program in 2008, including a special paint scheme on the #44 UPS Toyota that was raced by driver David Reutimann in the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway last weekend.
    Reutimann will appear at Churchill Downs on Wednesday as part of the sweepstakes program. He will be joined by car owner Michael Waltrip and teammate Dale Jarrett for the festivities, including a race sponsored by UPS. All three drivers will participate in the trophy presentation as well as an autograph session. Later in the day, Jarrett and Desormeaux will participate in the live ESPN broadcast of the annual Kentucky Derby post position draw to provide insight into Big Brown’s Derby chances.
    As part of the “Off to the Races” program, UPS awarded one lucky winner and a guest trips to both the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in Talladega and the Kentucky Derby. Sweepstakes winner Tim Bloodgood of New York attended the Aaron’s 499 last weekend and will travel to Louisville this weekend to watch Desormeaux race Big Brown in the 134th Kentucky Derby.
    “UPS had a very hard time convincing Dale Jarrett to ‘race the truck’ and we knew we’d never get him on a thoroughbred,” said Ron Rogowski, director of sponsorship for UPS. “So this is exciting to have a winning jockey with a track record on a horse that honors the color brown.”
    Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., UPS is the world's largest package delivery company and a global leader in supply chain services. Each day, the UPS pit crew of more than 425,000 dedicated employees delivers to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. UPS is the owner of the trademarks “Brown,” “Big Brown” and “What Can Brown Do For You?” Use of these marks for limited purposes is obtained by written permission. For more information, log onto To get UPS news direct, visit

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    I'm gonna bet that the jockey's pants are awkwardly sized and that the horse drops dead after eating some cost-effective poison Chinese feed.
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    I heard I.E. rode with him in his last race, has done a measurement, and notified the jockey what times will be acceptable.
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    Well HazMatMan, what are Big Brown's odds to win the Derby? I wonder if UPS Trackside Services will follow behind with a shovel and bucket.:wink2:
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    And down the stretch they come, Deep purple (Fed- Ex) by a nose, D H Yellow a close second, but here comes Big Brown no holds bar and no hand rails, bulkhead saddle door open and no seat belt, Jockey Mgr Tieguy cracking the whip passing Deep Purple and DH yellow getting a whiff of Big Brown's tail-end and oooh, faltering in the end, going over 9 and a half hr furlongs it's Big Brown by a nose.
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    10 to 1 odds? not good
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    You can be sure that with a few hundred thousand employees wagering the odds will be dropping.
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    I want to race the horse. People love the horse.
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    Be sure to turn on his GPS to be sure he does not get off course.
  12. rod

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    hows that going to work if UPS only allows right hand turns? He's screwed:peaceful:
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    You forgot Hoof Hearted
  14. JustTired

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    If he loses....can anybody say "glue factory"?
    I'm guessing the jockey weighs about 350...according to my dispatch.
    Anybody else find the sponsorship of every little thing in an event to be annoying?
    Hey....I'll paint my house brown and put a big UPS logo on my garage door if they'll start paying my utility bills.

    Of course, I'll paint it purple and orange if I get a better deal!
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    You just as might be worth a couple of million.

    Let's see if we remember.........
    I think "our" company :censored2: away $8 million per year for 8 years ($64 million total) on Dale Jarrett. I wonder how much they are pissing away on this horse?

    OOPS!....this sponsorship is probably the money they saved on the last contract.
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    Big Brown wont win.....They'll make him take extra time at the starting gate to get a sales lead right after the PCM on avoiding slips and falls on MAY!
  17. DS

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    ah lighten up....go BIG BROWN!
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    I was somewhat surprised to read that DJ is still referred to as a teammate of Michael Waltrip Racing. Can't help but wonder how much pocket change he'll go home with from UPS for showing up at this event promotion. Or do you think the company will get away with giving him a few branded trinkets? Sorry I couldn't resist, ok I could have, but chose not to.
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    The odds that Big Brown wins from post 20 and the fact he is undefeated (93 years since an undefeated horse won Derby) chances are very slim. He will probably go off at 9/5 or somewhere around there. The trainer of Big Brown said he will put 150K on the horse to win. Whether he is full of crap or not remains to be seen, but he sure has enough money to make a bet like that.
  20. HazMatMan

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    That's what i'm hoping for Looper. So that the odds of the horses I am betting will go through the roof..