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    NEW YORK - Trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. still blames Kent Desormeaux for Big Brown’s stunning last-place finish in the Belmont Stakes, but he wouldn’t object to the jockey riding the horse in his next race.

    The decision of whether to change jockeys is up to co-owner Michael Iavarone, Dutrow said.

    “I don’t want to hurt anyone, especially Kent,” Dutrow told The Associated Press on Tuesday morning in his barn at Aqueduct. “But I still don’t understand what happened. I don’t see the horse with a problem, so I have to direct my attention toward the ride. That’s all I can come up with.”

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    With Big Brown trying to become the first Triple Crown champion in 30 years after dominant wins in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, Desormeaux eased up the unbeaten colt with a quarter-mile remaining in the Belmont on Saturday.

    “I had no horse. He was empty,” Desormeaux said after the race.

    Dutrow insisted Tuesday he had found nothing wrong with Big Brown.

    “Maybe next week if something starts going wrong with the horse, then I’ll understand everything,” he said.

    Dutrow added: “As long as the horse stays the way that I see him right now, then things are just going to keep building up for me to know that it was the ride that did him in.”

    He said he hadn’t spoken to Desormeaux, but “if he calls me I’ll talk to him, sure.”

    Entering the first turn at the Belmont, Desormeaux took a hard hold of Big Brown and yanked him to the outside, bumping with Anak Nakal before finding running room outside of Tale of Ekati while Da' Tara opened up a three-length lead around the clubhouse turn.

    "I'm sure he didn't have any idea what the hell was going on going into the first turn the way (Desormeaux) was switching him all over the damn track," Dutrow said. "I don't know what he was doing."

    If Big Brown is healthy, the plan is for him to run next in the Travers Stakes on Aug. 23 at Saratoga.

    Dutrow had no regrets about his bombastic proclamation that Big Brown clinching the Triple Crown was a “foregone conclusion.”

    “It’s not like I’m going to go and cry in the corner,” he said as he prepared for several of his horses to run Wednesday at Belmont. “I’ve got plenty to do here.”

    typical UPS
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    Yup....always blame the driver.....
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    I watched the race and thought the jockey did the right thing in pulling up toward the end as it was apparent that there was either something wrong with the horse or it just wasn't his day. The trainer is an idiot for blaming the jockey--of course, this was the same idiot who guaranteed victory.
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    I don't know. I have to be honest and wonder if the fix is on. Everyone including the trainer thought there was no way the horse could lose. The most ideal situation for the bookies is brown losing completely like he did. Huge payday for all the bookies legal and otherwise. How does a horse go from blowing away the field like he has done in every other race to having nothing in this one. I don't buy it. Either the horse is injured or the fix is on.
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    I thought the race was thrown too. Big Brown is a strong horse that likes to run, it was very unlikely that he would just give up. It was just as hot and the distance was the same for the other horses. It looked to me like the jockey held him back.
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    Who cares,in another month everyone will be saying Big Brown who?:laughing:
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    Dang it was HOT today, I was reading Tie's post and it was like his "Smoking Baby" was saying the words.

    I need some rest. LOL.
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    Much the same as some of us are saying "Griff who?"

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

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    Now that's creepy...
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    Going off the steroids could have been the culprit. Look what steroids did for Marian Jones and Ben Johnson
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    As a "ride", all I can say is there is always tomorrow. And for that matter, next year. The ride made a little extra money today that the boss didnt like (maybe), or maybe the sup was in on the throw as well. Who knows who he might owe. You fly in those circles, you will be put into those positions.

    Only time will tell. If the ride felt the horse wind down he did the right thing. Better to ride your horse another day, than to have another 8 bells.


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    I really got to believe that it is the lack of steroids.

    I question why a trainer would make such a radical change right before the most important race of Big Brown's career.

    It shows a cockiness that possibly cost Big Brown a triple crown. I am in no way advocating the use of steroids. Dutrow wanted to show the world that Big Brown was for real. What he may have shown the world is what kind of influence performance enhancing drugs namely steroids, really have on athletes to rise above the competition.

    He is the kind of person I could never be associated with.
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    I'd have to go with it being rigged also. Every other sport is corrupt so why not horse racing too. Especially since it is one of the most gambled on.
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    I thought the same thing until I read this....I posted this in another thread too...kind os sad actually! :dissapointed:


    For the Belmont Stakes, Big Brown wore a second set of stainless steel sutures on the inside of his hoof. Hoof specialist Ian McKinlay changed the sutures a week before the race and attached an acrylic and fiberglass adhesive patch to the hoof. Although he missed three days of training prior to the race, his gait and attitude seemed unaffected. After the crack was patched, Brown was exercised by rider Michelle Nevin. Ian McKinlay said, prior to the Belmont, that Big Brown "does not need a patch on the quarter crack on his left front hoof until the morning of the Belmont Stakes. So Dutrow will give Big Brown his final hard workout Tuesday to breeze 5 furlongs without it and gallop him into the race confident the colt’s tender hoof is healed."
    Big Brown went off as the 3-10 favorite in the Belmont, but Da' Tara won the race while he finished in 9th, becoming the first Triple Crown hopeful to finish in last place at Belmont. Jockey Kent Desormeaux eased the horse in the home stretch after sensing something was amiss, saying immediately after the race, "I had no horse." His failure to win has led many people to believe that his loss is one of the biggest flops in horse racing history.
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    Lifer hit the nail on the head. If the race was fixed you would have to have evidence that the jockey or trainer had links to a bet that Big Brown was going to finish last. Oh... I forgot to mention Barry Bonds hit a ton of home runs way past his prime playing days. Taking him off the roids when all the other horses were on them was his demise. Also the mile and a half
    could have had something to do with it. Smarty Jones was going to win the Belmont. ( Remember)?:happy2:
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    I don't know fellas... I think Big Brown hoped this was the last race and then he was heading out to stud, so he bagged the race and was heading off to meet the ladies!!!!!
  18. local804

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    Maybe we will find out the real story in a couple of years like boxing and the nba scandals that have happened in the past and the new one that just surfaced. Something is fishy for sure. The trainer almost made me root against him just from his attitude.
  19. tieguy

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    if its fixed its much bigger then desmoreaux having his own bet not to mention he would like to win the triple crown. Only one guy and one horse knows for sure and the horse ain't talking. Or its possible someone injected the horse with something that affected his performance.

    I would be curious to see how many bets out there did not have big brown in them. Can't be many.

    The biggest payday and longest odds would have been for Big Brown coming in last. Guess what the house won big. Makes you wonder.
  20. DS

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    You may br right tie,here's some other comments about it.
    Horse-racing, like boxing, is a "sport" with a deep, deep history of rigging to line the pockets of Dah Big Playah's at the expense of the gazillions of ordinary schmoes who buy all those millions of "to win" and "to place" tickets.

    How the "rig" works: Set up a horse to win the first two legs of the Triple and get a lot of hype going about a potential "Triple Crown", make it seem like that horse cannot possibly lose, and just rake in bucketloads of cash at the betting windows. Then, have the horse fail to "place" (doesn't make 1st, 2nd or 3rd), and you'll have more money than God -- because 99% of the betting slips are for the "sure-fire winner" to win or place (while the big money bets *against* that horse and for the other nags shooed in to the winning slots).

    I have been following horse racing for decades and this clearly was a fixed race. Jockey on horse #7 didn't even try to win, rather, try to box, pin and create trouble- e.g., pushing him wide for BB. Watch a rerun of the race...The winning jockey stated naively on national television that Nick Zito called him with some "recommendations"...prior to the race...are you kidding me....Guidelines that promote the safety of the horse when racing needs to be implemented. This was a planned and coordinated activity and a shady group of individuals made a handsome sum of cash.