Big data sparks cultural changes

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    Big data sparks cultural changes - Financial Times

    It only takes a quick internet search of the terms “UPS” and “telematics” to understand why the promised benefits of big data are likely to take longer to arrive than many have been led to believe.

    Five years after it started installing sensors to monitor its vehicles and using GPS to track their movements, UPS launched one of its most ambitious technology projects: a system capable of handling the massively complex task of optimising the routes taken by its tens of thousands of drivers. No matter how impressive the technology, it is only as good as the people who use it.

    “For the first time in their 100-year history, they can make real-time routing decisions about picking something up and dropping it off,” says Tom Davenport, a US management expert and author, most recently, of Big Data at Work. He adds: “It takes a lot of autonomy out of the job [for drivers]. UPS people say that change management is the biggest issue.”
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    "No matter how impressive the technology, it is only as good as the people who use it."

    Of course the assumption the new technology is perfect so people trying to use it are the cause of any problems.
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    How about the new technology is only as good as the people who created it? Created by someone in an office and with no input from the people on the job. Sounds like a win win to me!

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    For the first time they can make real time decisions? Lol the people are morons.

    The drivers job has been to make real time decisions for the last 100 years.
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