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    Check out my web page for those that have been injured. Go to my bigbrownkirwan
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  2. DS

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    thats not your website thats your email address
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    May want to fix your link!:confused:1
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    He must be one of the usless TSG persons!!!
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    OldUPSDriver. LOL!!! Now that's funny. Kind of cruel, but funny.
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    I didnt want to see you stinkin' web site anyways.
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    Interesting starts to get weird when he says he's being surveyed by satellite...

    " The harassment, computer hacking, and roving wiretaps continue for the next 7 months until January of 2005. It was in January of 2005 that the satellite surveillance started. Now when this started, I had never even heard of satellite surveillance, I checked it out on the internet and sure enough it’s there in black and white. Your thoughts can be read though satellite technology. Bizarre as it sounds it’s being done to thousands of people everyday. Over worker’s compensation; believe it or not."
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    The DIAD is actually a thought transmitter to these satellites. They really do know what we're thinking!
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    "may require defenestration"
  12. scratch

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    This must be why we are so tired at the end of the day. The DIAD is reading our thoughts and draining our energy from us!:w00t:
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    Maybe it was invented by Tom Cruise and it's a.....