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    I know this is off topic, but this is very important if you love this country, Bilderberg is a bunch of Elitist who are resonsible for the E.U. know before you say what is so bad about the E.U., well the people hate it. Bilderberg is meeting in Chantilly Virginia starting on Wed thru sunday. They are going to try to start a war with Iran, and they also want to destroy the American dollar. Cheryl I would appreciate if you let the people here see this. If you love this country like I do, then you will call your Rep and question him or her and ask why we are letting Bilderberg destroy this country, demand that they be investigated. This potentially could get to 250,000 Upser's, which in turn would be very efective. If you dont believe me just google Bilderberg
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    You can google aliens probing people and get websites with equal credibility. Unfortunately everything you read in the internet is not true.
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    Except that Aliens are not real, and Bilderberg is a real group, and I did not get this off the internet, if you live near Chantilly, Virginia check it out for yourself.
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    Really, destroy the American dollar? And how would they do that?

    First off, this “new world order” stuff is really interesting, but hardly based on truth.

    Secondly, it is hardly a secret group. It is well documented as to who attends and when. And they have been historically relevant to stopping the continued expansion of the communistic world view. It would seem that the group’s interest in combating views and policies that would ruin our economy, along with those of the EU, would be something that people would support, instead of rushing out to sound the alarm, and trying to garner mass hysteria among those to lazy to do research on their own.

    Interestingly, the list of the attendees are a who’s who of the people in charge of the defense of our country. Both Clintons have gone btw, which is one reason why Hil cant believe she is not winning.

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    Like Hell aliens aren't real, you haven't met my mother-in-law. Don't worry about Bilderberg. China is sitting on a huge mountain of US Dollars. What would happen to our Dollar if they decided to dump them on the market? Worry about that.
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    And right now they are worth less than any other time in history. Couldnt happen to a nicer bunch!

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    Daniel Estulin wrote The True Story of the Bilderberg Group copyright 2007 and it is a really interesting read.
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    Its our own fault for buying cheap chinese crap at walmart.I had an idea,forget walmart,an association of retailers that only sell home made products.Lets call it AMERImart...or CANAmart up here.I bet patriotism would make it work.
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  9. dilligaf

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    That's a great idea DS!!!!!!!
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    Good idea, and that is what made walmart such a hit early on. BUt now that they have run many of those out of business, there are too few businesses left that actually produce a product, to be able to make that idea work.

    But things are changing. Maybe if we create a demand, they will follow.

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    The now, instant gratification, just do it and have it my way generations are too dang selfish and shortsighted for that to happen, IMO.
    If the American consumer would ban together and co-operate in a massive plan we could indeed make a very large dent in the amount of china made products sold in the USA. We (Americans as a whole) have become victims of out own greed. I, unfortunately, am as responsible as anyone else.
  12. rapidrandall

    rapidrandall slow but sure Bilderberg group is real and meeting now.
  13. dannyboy

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    Ahhh, not sure what you are trying to say here. None of us ever said they were not real. Just not what was being portrayed in the first post.

    Everybody knows they are meeting now.